eMobility: On the road to a sustainable future 

The importance of eMobility is increasing rapidly for the automotive industry and for people who want to go green. In 2018 there were 3.3 million battery electric vehicles on the streets worldwide. Siemens aims to offer solutions that will help enable the continued rise of eMobility.




The Goodwood Festival of Speed is the largest and greatest celebration of car culture in the world. As a Technology Partner, Siemens will showcase examples of ingenuity – to appreciate cars and car culture while still being kind to the environment. One of those measures is the Clean Hydrogen Fuel Cell which provides clean electricity and reduces the festival’s dependency on diesel generators.



The Hydrogen (H2) is made from water in an electrolyser, powered by 100% renewable energy (from a wind farm or solar panels), so it does not pollute the atmosphere with fumes or carbon dioxide. The fuel cell combines hydrogen with oxygen from the air to create 150kW of electrical energy, which then powers the electric cars at the festival.



Siemens and its hydrogen partner GeoPura will provide the latest EV chargers to actively charge e-cars and e-busses. “We want to charge electric vehicles in the most sustainable way,” says Jürgen Maier, CEO Siemens plc and Siemens Smart Infrastructure, UK. Even a 1979 vintage Volkswagen Bull-E showcased at the festival runs on electric power. “That supports the way we want to live - happily, sustainably and in harmony,” Maier adds. Not only on the festival grounds, but on more and more roads soon - with 100% carbon and emission free electricity.

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