G1 Group: Fire safety done right

The G1 Group is a leisure business and hotel chain owner in Scotland with 40 venues throughout the country. In Edinburgh alone, they own three hotels, two restaurants and a nightclub.

The challenge

Typically, in places like hotels and nightclubs, many people are present. Therefore it is of the utmost importance to ensure the highest level of safety at all times. However, a fire safety system which triggers false alarms because of deceptive phenomena, can damage the hotels reputation, just as a fire can. The Cabaret Voltaire and the Grassmarket Hotel in particular – both part of the G1 Group – were having severe problems with false alarms. A highly reliable fire detection system was needed for the protection of guests, employees and assets that would not continue triggering false alarms. It was time for the G1 Group to invest in new systems. The Siemens Solution Partner Black Box Fire & Security proposed a fire protection system that includes fire detectors with intelligent ASAtechnology™ (ASA = advanced signal analysis) inside.

The solution

The Siemens fire detectors proved to be the ideal choice for the G1 Group. In both venues, deceptive phenomena are present. For example, the nightclub Cabaret Voltaire uses dry ice on a regular basis during their running hours. The hotels will have steam and aerosols, e.g. in the kitchen. Thanks to the ASAtechnology, these deceptive phenomena are not an issue, as the technology distinguishes between smoke from a fire and other causes.


ASAtechnology allows the optimal adaptation of the detectors to the current environmental conditions – by simply choosing an application-specific parameter set. It interprets and evaluates the signals in real time and even dynamically adapts the selected parameter set. As a result, the detectors detect real fire and smoke very early and reliably, without deception, even in demanding environments. The biggest benefit for the G1 Group: no more false alarms and costly business interruptions.

The benefit

The customer is very excited about the intelligent, highly reliable fire detectors. “The club is full most evenings, so a reliable fire protection system is of great importance to us. Now we don’t have to worry about false alarms any more – it’s a great relief,” says Flik Knowles, General Manager of the Cabaret Voltaire.


Black Box Fire & Security is also happy with the solution. “We are very satisfied with the fire detection system from Siemens. Our customer is delighted, and so are we,” states Alistair McLeman, Operations Director at Black Box Fire & Security. He is also excited that the installation was facilitated in such a way that all existing cabling could be reused and that inconveniences for the customer were kept to a minimum. More projects to implement Cerberus PRO in other G1 Group venues are already in the planning phase.

Video credits: Siemens AG

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