Green Space Dark Skies

Green Space Dark Skies

Siemens is proud to this year be taking part in the Green Space Dark Skies project. 

Green Space Dark Skies is one of ten major projects for UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK. It’s a ground-breaking UK-wide celebration of creativity in 2022, designed to celebrate science, technology, engineering, the arts and maths. Led by outdoor arts pioneers Walk the Plank, the project takes place from April to September 2022. Over six months, thousands of people will become Lumenators, carrying special lights designed by Siemens using state-of-the-art technology at up to 20 different locations. There, outdoor art will be created, recorded by film and photography. 

Festival 2022 is just the tonic we all need. It will be a massive boost to our collective wellbeing and I am bursting with pride that our young Siemens engineers have played a significant role in innovating and inventing the technology needed to create the visual treats we will all share and enjoy as part of Green Space Dark Skies.
Robin Phillips, Head of Siemens Advanta Consulting UK

Siemens is technology partner to Green Space Dark Skies.

The challenge for the team at Siemens was to design and manufacture the devices that thousands of volunteer ‘Lumenators’ will hold in the chosen wild spaces around the UK as part of the festival. The devices therefore needed to be rugged, easy to use and reliable. They also needed to enable the choreographers at Walk the Plank the ability to configure them for a variety of special effects to create the amazing, visual spectacles that are planned.

Our engineers, including graduates, combined the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) and proven wireless technology already in use by the events, media and arts industries to design a system architecture and new devices suitable for mobile use in large scale, outdoor environments. Technologies used include real time location tracking, batteries and their energy storage and wireless connectivity. The technology will be embedded within adapted hand-held lamps, manufactured by the Gloucester based events lighting specialists, Core Lighting. The Lumenators’ lights will include game-changing technology that will go on to make new and exciting projects possible. 


The inspiration for the event is the 90th anniversary of the 1932 Kinder Scout mass trespass, when 500 people walked across Kinder Scout in protest at the laws that made crossing the land illegal. In the face of the climate emergency, and at a time when the need to reconnect with nature is more urgent than ever, this is neither fair nor sustainable. We believe we should all feel equally welcome to explore our green spaces. By inviting people who feel excluded from these places to make a journey together, the project will create new connections with the UK’s countryside.

This is the chance to be part of something truly special. Millions will watch online and via the broadcast as well as the Lumenators present at each event. Green Space Dark Skies will also be a carbon net-positive project, helping to reduce more carbon than it produces. The aim is to leave no trace, and to empower everyone involved to make a difference locally. In the face of the climate emergency, thousands of Lumenators will become caretakers of nature for the future. The project is rooted in the countryside, and in celebrating our landscapes. It considers them as places worth protecting, for everyone, forever.

Nathaniel Fernandes

Graduate Automation Engineer, Siemens plc

Nathaniel is an Electronic & Electrical engineer on the Siemens Digital Industries graduate programme. After 3 years on the E3 scholarship scheme alongside his master’s degree studies at the University of Southampton, Nathaniel joined Siemens in October 2020 in the Automation Engineering department in the Process Automation business unit, specialising in distributed control systems applications.

Nathaniel joined the Unboxed festival project as a Systems Architect, which Siemens is involved with as technological consultants to the Green Space Dark Skies project, focusing on the conservation of nature in the UK and raising awareness of the landscapes around the country with events featuring brand new lighting technology.

In his spare time, Nathaniel enjoys playing guitar and mixing electronic music. Based in Manchester, he is aiming to get more involved with the city’s live music scene.

Annabel Ohene

Graduate Engineer, Siemens Digital Industries

Annabel Ohene is a graduate Engineer on the Siemens Digital Industries Graduate Scheme in at Siemens UK Headquarters in Manchester. She holds a masters in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Bristol, and joined Siemens in 2016, through a scholarship programme – the e3 Academy Scheme.

As well as Engineering, Annabel has a passion for the arts – she plays the piano, sings in the Siemens corporate choir, and makes and sells her homemade clay creations outside of work.

Annabel’s role within the Green Space Dark Skies project as System architect means that she gets to use her creative side to come up with the best solution in order to innovate. The creative aspect of this project is what attracted Annabel to get involved in this project.

Being a woman of colour makes Annabel a minority in her field; Annabel has a strong passion for equality, diversity and inclusion in the STEM sector, and champions initiatives which push to level the playing field in the Engineering sector.