Clean Air

The air we breathe has a massive effect on our health. In the UK as urbanisation is increasing and cities are becoming progressively more populated, Siemens Smart Infrastructure is becoming vital to tackling a problem that is the cause of over 30,000 deaths in the UK each year.
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The UK Government is investing £10 million in improving modelling, data and analytical tools to give a more precise picture of current air quality and the impact of policies on it in future.


The UK Government has released its Clean Air Strategy 2019, showing how it is investing £10 million in improving modelling, data and analytical tools to give a more precise picture of current air quality and the impact of policies on it in future. This provides a framework that is integral to tackling a problem that is becoming increasingly severe in the United Kingdom.


Read below to see Siemens portfolio of solutions to the problem:


Symaro sensors

Symaro sensors ensure a healthy and productive indoor climate. They record and transmit readings extremely quickly and accurately, providing an optimal basis for precise and therefore energy- and cost-efficient control of the entire HVAC plant. With innovations such as the integrated test function and highly versatile multi-sensors for different applications, Symaro sensors are a secure investment in the future. And thanks to an installation concept that has been refined for decades, they can be quickly installed and put into operation – so your investment pays off right from the start.


Desigo™ room automation is the unique solution to link all room disciplines. It guarantees ideal settings for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and shading, thus optimizing comfort as well as productivity in each individual room. At the same time, Desigo room automation can easily be adapted to satisfy any type of room needs, today and in the future, covering the entire scope from single disciplines to completely integrated buildings. In addition, Desigo room automation employs unique algorithms that help you combine optimal comfort and energy efficiency, plus lowest investment and maintenance costs.



  •  High CO2 levels can cause headaches, nasal symptoms, respiratory tract conditions and fatigue. Improved ventilation in office spaces leads to productivity gains.

Indoor air quality

  • Indoor air quality is a constantly changing interaction of complex factors. Maintaining good indoor air quality requires attention to the building's heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Controlling indoor air quality guarantees that room temperature, air quality and humidity limits are not surpassed.

Fine Dust Sensors

Extending its offering for healthy indoor climate, Siemens has developed a first-of-its-kind fine dust sensor range to monitor and control air pollution inside buildings. The sensors complement existing Siemens CO2, humidity, VOC3), and temperature controls plus various other applications to form a comprehensive Healthy Indoor Climate solutions portfolio.



Power from the plug and socket for a sustainable environment in the port areas


With the SIHARBOR shore connection, berthed ships can draw the needed energy from onshore and shut down their generators, thus meeting the strong environmental regulations that are being taken for ports worldwide in the most efficient way. SIHARBOR provides a fast, simple and flexible connection to the ship via a cable management system.


Simple, fast, and affordable – it takes less than an hour to convert (retrofit) a lamppost

  • The unobtrusive design is less prone to vandalism and is even suitable for conservation areas
  • The intelligent charging cable with integrated mobile electricity meter and contract (independently approved by Elexon), can connect to an existing electrical supply, reducing the cost of deployment and disruption to residents
  • Successfully working with some London boroughs for almost three years, with around 300 charging points across London already
  • A world leader in electrification, digital systems and smart infrastructure, Siemens is also able to offer financing options to help deliver economically feasible and scalable charging solution

City Air Management

City Air Management is a cloud-based software designed to help conurbations reduce air pollution. It gathers emissions data in real-time and simulates measures that improve air quality – enabling decision-makers to remedy high emissions using reliable data. Highly-accurate air quality forecasts are projected for the next five days, using a sophisticated algorithm based on historical data, weather input and current data.

Siemens City Air Management tool and consulting help cities identify methods to avert poor air quality in the short term and to build a strategy for longer-term technology change. City Air Management monitors and forecasts air quality and simulates actions that a city can take in the short term to avert breaches of air quality standards and limit respiratory stress on the most vulnerable citizens.

By ensuring data-driven decision making, cities are able to save on costs, maximize efficiency and foster long-term air quality improvements.