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Siemens doesn't just talk about digital factories, robotics and automation. We’re making it happen. Come and see how. Join our factory tour to discover how we turned our digitalisation plans into a reality, the results we’re seeing so far, and how the new tech integrates with our existing setup.
New funding model

In theory, a digital factory costs millions. In practice, it only costs when it delivers.

We offer an innovative finance model for automation, digitalisation and robotics projects. That means we’ll fund the upfront costs until you start to see a return on investment.

We’ll also help you define your goals and strategy, and then take responsibility for implementing that strategy and ensuring it unlocks the desired benefits.

To get the ball rolling, all we need is a short meeting to discuss your current challenges.

Continuous improvement

In theory, you need to replace all your machines. In practice, you need to take one smart step at a time.

Perhaps you already know where you want to get to. You just need to know where to start and what the steps look like from there onwards. This is what we call continuous improvement. It often means running the right analytics, identifying sticking points, and finding the most efficient ways to optimise.

In building our Congleton factory, we discovered digitalisation isn’t about ripping and replacing.

It’s about proving the need, then rolling out technology that builds on your existing infrastructure.

We had the vision. The hard part was identifying the stepping stones to get us there.
Keith Thornhill, Head of Food and Beverage UK and Ireland, Siemens
Sarah Black-Smith sofa chat

Hear firsthand how we started the journey to upgrade our factory in Congleton 

Head of Factory Operations at our Siemens Congleton factory chats to Science and Technology journalist, Katherine Templar Lewis, about our experience of the triumphs and challenges that come with upgrading a 1970s factory. 

The output of continuous improvement

Continuous improvement in the right areas can lead to more flexible ways of manufacturing that create new value for you and your value chain.

Dealing with variability in the production environment


Batch recalls occur all too often because of the variability in our factories. Whether it is down to temperature or a change in the supply chain, if it can’t be predicted, it can’t be planned for effectively. Siemens are doing some research to help food manufacturers better deal with variability in the food production environment. If you’d value the recommendations to help tackle challenges like this, please complete our short poll.

Upskilling and motivating teams

In theory, you need to hire new people. In practice, you need to teach new skills.

Digitalised factories naturally demand new skills. But if you motivate your people to lead the change – and support them along the way – you won’t have to make so many new hires.

At Congleton we tasked our apprentices with challenging our existing technology. They built, tested, and ultimately monetised new applications that demonstrate our machinery’s power to meet client needs.

Having done it ourselves, we’re ready to help you embed the testing and acceptance culture that’s central to digitisation. Watch the video to learn more.

The culture of the people working on the shop floor has been one of the biggest shifts we’ve made.
Kerry Whiteside, Samworth Brothers
Cultural transformation

Meet our digital factory pioneer, Keith

Keith has a background in engineering, is a continuous improvement enthusiast, and our Head of Food and Beverage UK and Ireland. As an active member of groups such as the Open Innovation Forum and the National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering, Keith is always seeking out new developments for the industry.

Keith was instrumental in hosting a recent Open Innovation Forum at our Congleton factory. He’s the man to show you exactly how Siemens is helping make innovation happen.


An interview not to be missed: Keith explains about technology to transform the Food and Beverage industry


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