Siemens in the Northern Powerhouse


Siemens is a long term investor in the north of England.

Siemens with our UK head quarters in Manchester is a major employer across the north of England with significant  facilities in the region. From the manufacture of variable speed drives in Cheshire, to Smart Infrastructure solutions in Hebburn as well as the development of the UK’s first wind turbine blade manufacturing facility in Hull - we are at the heart of a productive and highly skilled Northern Powerhouse.    Siemens Mobility is currently building a new state-of-the-art factory to manufacture and commission trains in Goole. This development, which is an investment of £200m, creating 700 new jobs and value in the local supply chain is a major step forward for Siemens’ journey in the Northern Powerhouse.   


We are investing in the north’s graduate and R&D capacity too. We recently opened two digital innovation labs at Newcastle University and Sheffield University. The Mindsphere Innovation Network will help digitalise University assets and prepare regional graduates with new skills.


Siemens already partners with educational providers across the region, e.g. University of Manchester, a ‘principle partner University’ supporting technology research. We are also working with the University of Salford supporting an automation degree and Trafford College backing local apprentices. This is on top of partnerships with University Technical Colleges in Sheffield, Hull and Crewe.



Northern Powerhouse

  • A new business opens in the Northern Powerhouse every 10 minutes
  •  Sunderland builds more cars than the whole of Italy
  • Yorkshire has created more new jobs than the whole of France since 2014
  •  The North is home to 15 million people and over 1 million private sector businesses within a geographical catchment area from Liverpool to Hull and Sheffield to Newcastle.
  • With seven international airports, twelve major ports and 20 universities, the region is responsible for 25% of the UK’s total manufacturing output and almost one third of the UK’s total renewable electricity.
  • If it were a country, the Northern Powerhouse would have the tenth biggest economy in Europe.

Digitalisation in the north

Newcastle has a strong tradition of manufacturing and Siemens is proud to have a strong manufacturing presence in the region. One of the things that encourages investment in manufacturing is a commitment to being at the cutting edge of new technologies – and right now for the North East we see significant potential for the region to become a leader in digital business.  

Using digital technologies to transform business operations is a key lever that will enable UK companies to remain competitive. Digitalisation promises lower costs, improved production quality, flexibility and efficiency, shorter response time to customer requests and market demands.


Only the North has the history, the foundations and the people capable of rejuvenating industry. The unique characteristics of the Northern Powerhouse mean that this region can and must lead this new Industrial Revolution. Our industrial heritage of making, building and innovating led to the North exporting goods all over the world, and we have the tools to do so again.


Jobs and the nature of jobs is central to this revolution. There is no doubt that automation will do away with many of the factory-floor type jobs; service-level roles that do not traditionally require a high level of skill. The Northern Powerhouse Partnership aims to create 850,000 new jobs by 2050 – but there is little point in creating more of these unskilled, service jobs. We need to create jobs building, servicing and programming the robots, designing the software, making best use of the 3D printers. Advanced manufacturing will create savings for organisations, streamlining the way they operate and allowing them to reinvest in other areas. 

The Northern Powerhouse - let's make it work for everyone!

The North was the powerhouse of the first industrial revolution and as we are now facing one of the great challenges of modern times in global decarbonisation, we can once again step up and lead the way. It's going to be regions like the North West, with its ingenuity and industrial clout, that drive the Net Zero agenda forward. We have the largest concentration of advanced manufacturing and chemical production in the UK but this means we're also one of the largest carbon emitting regions. We need to act to protect the high value jobs that underpin the regional economy and ensure they're not lost overseas. This will also create thousands of new jobs in emerging areas like hydrogen which could see us become world leaders.

While addressing the North-South divide in government funding is important for industrial decarbonisation, it is not a call for charity. The North wants a level playing field to unleash its potential and blaze its own trail. What we really need is policy certainty that enables the private sector to invest. That’s what will really power up the North.


Carl Ennis is Chairman of Net Zero North West.

Net Zero North West

The green industrial revolution must spearhead the Northern Powerhouse agenda. The Northern Powerhouse has the potential to lead the way on this nationally and establish itself as a world leader in clean growth.
Carl Ennis, CEO Siemens GB & I


The Northern Powerhouse is the government’s vision for a super-connected, globally-competitive northern economy with a flourishing private sector, a highly-skilled population, and world-renowned civic and business leadership.