Working in partnership to deliver the return on investment that you need, cost effectively. Whatever your challenges are we want to stand shoulder to shoulder with you and help you to build a sustainable business. Servitisation is about an outcome-based relationship  based on service offerings that fit with your unique challenge and ultimately have a financial benefit.
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Servitisation and Digitalisation

Combining servitisation and digital technologies is a powerful means to manufacturing competitiveness  

Manufacturers have mega challenges, including customisation at speed and faster commissioning due to shorter innovation cycles. All of this falls against a backdrop of regulatory and environmental pressures  - which demands a manufacturer's response.

Knowing where to place investment is tough but a targeted approach  to embed the core components of a digitalisation strategy throughout a manufacturer’s operations will usually provide the biggest impact and highest yield long-term. A long term plan isn't today's plan; today you can start to make small decisions that contribute to the bigger picture . By standing shoulder to shoulder you won't be left to work out where to place to your investment and what this could solve today and in the long-term, nor would you be alone in measuring the success and dealing with any deficiencies. Instead, the funding and implementation risks are transferred to us, with payment only due once the level of pre-agreed savings is delivered.

This new relationship is not only maximising and accelerating such potential cost reductions, it is also embedding a big data infrastructure and the digital twin, which are the key components to a digital future – all underpinned by a tailored commercial model to meet the customer’s return on investment.

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Co-creation to deliver on contracted outcomes

Financing and payback designed around the return that you need

There is a balancing act to get to the crux of a challenge with a solution that is commercially attractive and measurable, and underpinned with a payment plan that maximises the customer’s ability to control cash and profits. That’s why by using an innovative tailored investment funding package and sharing the risk, the strategic partnership with Siemens allows manufacturers to support investment strategies in critical areas such as energy management, without having to tap into existing cash reserves, impair day-to-day cash flow health or even resort to traditional bank funding.  


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