How does Ingenuity for life affect every one of us?

We create benefits for customers and society through the power of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Electrification, automation and digitalisation from Siemens help improve quality of life.
Ingenuity for life

Engineering Britain’s future

Britain is leading the charge into the future – working on new ideas to meet individual demands, power our homes and keep our cities in motion, enabling us all to progress, no matter what expanding population and changing resources can throw at us. Because where others see challenges, Siemens sees opportunities. Ways to make things smarter, cleaner, better.

Ingenuity for life brings industry into the future

Mass production thus becomes so flexible that it can even fulfill individual requirements. For example, through the digitalisation of the whole production process.

Ingenuity for life ensures the foundation for a strong economy, by helping our customers create sustainable energy from our natural resources. For example by producing wind turbines in Hull and building up the UK supply chain.

Ingenuity for life makes our cities more liveable and appealing, by making them more efficient and environmentally friendly, and improving punctuality. For example, intelligent networking and control of traffic signals give priority to buses and emergency vehicles.

Our customers’ challenges are our challenges. Together we make real what matters. By developing skills and creating jobs to strengthen our expertise in the areas of electrification, automation and digitalisation, we improve the lives of people today and create lasting value for future generations. Our investment in the UK supports 56,000 jobs and we have 500 apprentices who have taken up the call to be the next generation of designers, engineers, scientists, creators, future thinkers and leaders.

It’s technology paired with purpose - a powerful mix of know-how, innovation, reliability, and responsibility.

Sustainable Energy

Ingenuity is harnessing Britain’s turbulent skies

For centuries, the weather around our coastline has been a constant source of conversation. Clever thinking and great technology have made Britain a world leader in wind energy. Clean energy production is not just a great example of Ingenuity for life, brought to life, but a growing concern for people who care about the environment and the future.

Siemens ingenuity creates clean energy for life

Creating cleaner energy for all of us is both a public demand and an essential part of our ambition. Ingenuity for life means investing in people and technology to meet ever-rising energy demands, whilst staying on course to meet CO2 reduction targets. From investment, research and development at top UK universities, to building a new blade factory in Hull, employing 1,000 local people to harness local conditions to power the nation and beyond. From the London Array and Gwynt y Mor, the world’s two largest offshore wind farms, to the upcoming onshore site at Pen y Cymoedd, Siemens turbines power our homes, our economy and our cleaner future.

So we’re investing and bringing expertise to the UK by:

·         Providing skilled and long-term jobs for British workers – both directly and through the extended supply chain.

·         Training future engineering talent within the UK in both Digital and Mechatronics to provide skills and jobs for life.

·         Designing further innovations in turbine technology, and creating them locally for use in our customers’ wind farms.

Helping our customers deliver their business case. And using our project management and financial skills to bring down the cost of clean electricity.

50% of the wind power in the UK, from both onshore and offshore, is created using Siemens ingenuity, engineering and technology. In 2015 that was enough electricity to power 8.25 million homes – nearly one third of British households.

Future of manufacturing

Britain leading the next industrial revolution

The factories of the future are delivering economic growth by driving Research and Development (R&D)  investment and bolstering British exports. We support our customers by helping to increase operational efficiency and productivity, and reducing time to market while creating skilled jobs. This enables manufacturers to compete globally and solve what the Chancellor has called Britain’s ‘productivity puzzle’.

In fact, Siemens technology and software is being used to:

  • Synthesise and analyse data to help customers see the bigger picture and enhance production control.
  • Perform simulations and remote diagnostics to make factory design, improvement and maintenance lean.
  • Rapidly prototype the enhanced designs and engineering that comes from this.
  • Customise production lines to meet customers' needs for tailored products.

So far, Siemens has been involved with UK research projects worth over £200m and has filed 3,900 patents in the UK. And we want to do more. It’s Ingenuity for life in action.

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