In the UK, for the UK

To determine what contribution we make to society, we’ve put together our first Business to Society report for the UK.
Business to Society

What is our contribution to a better quality of life?

We take our responsibility towards the community very seriously and look for a variety of ways to measure the role we play and the benefit we create.

Business to Society...

... is about generating lasting value for the societies in which we operate. It’s not just about investing but measuring the economic, societal and environmental impact of that investment.  This helps us to understand the influence we have in a country: in terms of economic growth, skills development and the creation of local jobs; in relation to innovation, environmental protection and the quality of life as a whole.

We look beyond the business at a wide variety of data – such as development and infrastructure plans of a country, region or area; the economic and social deprivation indexes; education indexes and much more. This tells us what’s important and where we can play a role.

Read on to discover the various ways we can measure our contribution to the UK – be it the jobs we create and local suppliers we use, to how we minimise our own – and our customers’ – impact on the environment, and how we share our expertise through strategic partnerships with charities and local organisations, fundraising and volunteering.

Our Business to Society analysis moves us beyond traditional financial reporting to address the topics that are important to our customers, suppliers, local authorities, government, communities and stakeholder groups, helping us to optimise benefits to society and the bottom line.

Areas of operation

What is most important to the UK?

We look beyond our own business at the societal drivers for improving the economics, health or development of the country. This lets us map what we’re doing as a company and helps us to determine what influence we have, or could potentially have, in the future.
Siemens value map

Our contribution to sustainable development

The Siemens Value Map shows our contribution in the following areas: driving the economy, developing local jobs and skills, driving innovations, environment and sustainability, increasing quality of life, and supporting societal transformation. Here are some examples of our contributions in these topics: