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  • Solution and Approved Partners in more than 80 countries worldwide

  • Our qualified and certified Solution and Approved Partners are distinguished by their superior expertise in automation and drive technology as well as power distribution.

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Expert know-how

The value of our partners

We work closely with selected partners worldwide, from system integrators to distributors. This puts us in a position to tailor our comprehensive offerings for digitalization as well as automation and drive technology to optimally meet your needs. Each of these partners is a proven expert in their field, with excellent product and system expertise in all aspects of our portfolio. This video from the USA – just one example of our excellent worldwide collaboration with our partners – shows how you can specifically benefit.

The standard of quality

When it comes to our partners, we place the highest value on what distinguishes Siemens as a whole: expertise, professionalism, and quality. That’s why a core aspect of our Partner Program is continuing education through qualification and certification measures based on uniform global standards. This ensures you and our partners benefit from the same high quality standards across the globe.

  • Solution quality – through the use of optimal products for the specific requirement
  • Expert quality – Cutting-edge knowledge demonstrated in regular workshops and audits
  • Consulting quality – thanks to valuable synergies generated through close cooperation with Siemens
  • Project quality – as a result of targeted collaboration throughout the entire production workflow
  • Quality of products and services – for efficient and safe investment solutions based on state-of-the art technology 
  • Supply quality – thanks to the reliable availability of products and simple, highly efficient logistics processes
  • Service quality – for the highest level of machine and plant availability

This clear dedication to top quality is certainly one of the reasons for the success of our Partner Program for Industry.

Brochure: Siemens partners make a difference

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Requirements for our partners

Technical certification and systematic qualification

Is our partners’ expertise your top priority? It’s ours too! Not only is it the key criterion for their certification but, given the rapid pace of technological progress, it’s also being constantly adapted to the latest requirements. The targeted promotion and improvement of our partners’ quality is firmly anchored in contractually defined criteria.

Standardized across the globe and always up to date
With each of our partners, you participate fully in technological progress. The criteria for the technical certification in clearly defined competence segments are the same worldwide and they must renew their certification at regular intervals.

According to Siemens standards
The systematic training and development of our partners is unlike anything else anywhere in the world. The training courses are always tailored to the individual needs and capabilities of the particular partner. Most importantly, however, we apply the same standards to all continuing education measures that we use to train and develop our own employees.

Solution Partners and Approved Partners

The partner network for industry

The Siemens Partner Program offers you expertise and experience close at hand. Within our global network, we distinguish between Solution Partners and Approved Partners. We currently work with more than 1,500 Solution Partners around the world. Our network of over 100 Approved Partners continues to grow.

Three categories of partner for your success

Our worldwide partner network includes both Solution Partners and Approved Partners. The latter are categorized as either "Value Added Reseller" or "Industry Services." Watch our video to learn about the differences between these three categories – and what characterizes each of our partners.

Approved Partner – Value Added Reseller

As approved partners, certified distributors not only offer you a comprehensive range of products but also provide customer-specific modifications. They’re characterized by their excellent product knowledge and qualified technical consulting.

Approved Partner – Industry Services

Approved Partners in the area of Industry Services apply their specific expert know-how to boost your productivity – and go a long way toward guaranteeing the availability of your plants.

Solution Partner – Automation Drives

Solution Partners possess comprehensive application, system, and sector knowledge as well as proven project experience – and implement future-proof, tailor-made solutions of the highest quality based on our product and system portfolio.


Our partners introduce themselves

Our global network of Solution and Approved Partners continues to grow. Here we offer you the opportunity to get to know some of these experts a little better.

A win-win partnership

“If something moves that a person doesn’t physically pick up and move, we design, engineer, and manufacture solutions for it.” That’s how CEO Eli Evankovich explains what Premier Automation does.

The company based in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, supplies state-of-the-art, turnkey solutions for drive and automation systems in a wide variety of industries. Premier Automation has had a decades-long partnership with Siemens and has been repeatedly chosen by Control Magazine as one of the 25 best system integrators.


Industry events for customers and partners

The personal exchange of experiences and expertise: This is precisely the goal of the industry events we organize all over the world. Here you’ll find a brief review of our most recent events.

Expertise as a success factor – references

No matter how complex the task, our partners turn every project into a success thanks to their comprehensive expertise and experience.


Always available for you

Your Siemens Solution Partners and Approved Partners are always happy to help you – in all matters relating to automation and drive technology as well as power distribution.

The ideal partner for your task is just a mouse click away!

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