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Avoid unplanned downtime

Meet your production and sustainability goals by securing your site's energy resilience

A resilient electrical infrastructure can reduce your time to market, minimise energy wastage, improve compliance and sustainability, and limit costs if maintained and serviced correctly. Often, sites depend on a complex patchwork of legacy equipment. And with supply chain complexity, changing energy demands and compliance requirements piling on the pressure, poor risk management and unplanned downtime can threaten financial security, reputation and the safety of employees.

Site Risk Profile Map: Free, Interactive PDF

Do you have a reliable and resilient power supply? Learn more about the risks and challenges surrounding your electrical infrastructure in our Risk Profile Map.

Organisations need a strategic, comprehensive and innovative approach to energy resilience because the cost and impacts of failure and downtime are so huge. We provide a robust, pre-emptive maintenance plan, with increased asset visibility and the experience to identify faults before they become major risks.
Toby Horne, CEng MIET LISM, Energy Resilience Lead, Siemens Smart Infrastructure

Energy resilience solutions 

From risk identification to proactive asset management and fast emergency repairs, Siemens has solutions to support your infrastructure. 

Siemens Congleton factory

Meeting demand and keeping the lights on

From risk spotting to smarter management and faster issue resolution, electrical infrastructure resilience transforms the performance of your on-site energy equipment, improves your risk management strategy, helps you adhere to regulatory compliance and meet customer demand. Watch the video to hear from Andrew Peters, MD of Siemens Congleton factory, on how his investment into energy resilience is already paying off.

The need for energy resilience: whitepaper

This interactive whitepaper provides insight into how to future-proof your electrical infrastructure and boost your on-site energy efficiency, helping you keep the lights on, now and in the future.

Benefits: a smarter strategy for the future of energy


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Whether it's greater visibility of asset performance, or life-extension to legacy equipment, Siemens can support your business to build energy resilience.


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