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The MindSphere Application Center for Internet of Energy brings people and expertise together to solve business challenges like yours through digitalization.
Unlocking the value of your energy data

MindSphere Application Center for Internet of Energy

Digitalization offers simple solutions to a huge range of challenges. But making your energy data meaningful, manageable, and profitable does require effort and expertise. Which is why Siemens created the MindSphere Application Center for Internet of Energy to support TSOs, DSOs, utilities, industries, and operators for building and infrastructure. We work with you to reduce energy wastage, lower CO2 emissions, minimize downtime, and improve asset management in ways that will add value to your organization.
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Turning energy into opportunity

How digitalization adds value

Discover how digitalization solves problems and adds value from three different perspectives: industry, infrastructure and utilities. In all cases, it has a positive impact on business models, applications, solutions, and services.
The Siemens MindSphere Application Center is the knowledge asset accumulated by Siemens over the past decades. This allowed to create mechanisms to lower costs, increases the capability to track assets and, therefore, to do data analysis. You can transform all the cloud based data in very significant and strategic solutions for our business.
Raphael Eckmann, CEO of Athon Energia SA
Value creation is a team effort

Working on your success as a team

Whether a utility or industry, we work alongside you to make energy infrastructure smart in ways that respond to your needs. We help utilities explore new operating models and ensure grid stability and resiliency, while improving environmental performance, keeping consumers’ costs down, and maintaining system reliability. For both utilities and industry, we provide the control you need to ensure efficient, uninterrupted operation, as well as help manage environmental and compliance demands. Speak with us about how best to drive decarbonization, manage distributed energy resources and improve resilience. In addition, we can work with you on aging workforce challenges, compensating for aging assets or improving asset utilization.
Success stories

Potential unlocked

The optimization potential that can be leveraged is impressively extensive, and the results are remarkable. The cases below show how the MindSphere Application Center for Internet of Energy can help.
This space Siemens has opened up will surely help energy companies to actually follow this path, to develop, already preparing for this new age of digital transformation, that is already reality throughout the world.
Darcia Dias, Enel Brazil / Smart Grid Device 
True partnership

Connecting data, expertise and people

We unlock value by combining your data and operational know-how with our in-depth knowledge, technical expertise, and cloud-based platform. To achieve this, we share our technical expertise in the Internet of Things (IoT), digitalization, implications of IoT on energy management (the internet of energy, IoE), data analytics, and business model (re)design with you. And we help identify new value streams, improve asset management, increase infrastructure reliability, and optimize processes. Not least, we provide an ecosystem where our partners and our experts can work together to test and prove the viability and value of IoE ideas from strategy through proof of concept, to implementation.
These kinds of spaces bring solutions to the decision-makers, live, and make it easier to appreciate the transformation that a utility itself can undergo, that they can be faster to adapt to the new technologies.
Arun Kumar Mishra, Director of National Smart Grid Mission
Leveraging our technologies

Creating value out of your data

Our cooperation with you is strengthened by the fact that the MindSphere Application Center for Internet of Energy is built on knowledge accumulated by Siemens over many decades. In addition, we are able to provide exactly the experts you need in your specific energy environment at any stage of the process. Because we can draw from a wide variety of industries - e.g. automotive, OEM, utilities – which are part of our vast network around the world. Your contribution is, of course, key. We work jointly with you to gather energy data from your environment and transform it into actionable insights. We then move to rapid prototyping to verify targeted benefits and implement a proof of concept for infield tests. Data analytics and artificial intelligence help us identify the most effective ways to make your entire system more efficient, resilient, reliable, – and capable of delivering new value streams.
It will change the way business is done between stakeholders. Utilities have different requirements and working with Siemens MindShare Application Centre will definitely create programs which are more customized to utilities and will build value.
Sanjay Banga, CEO of TATA Power Delhi Distribution Ltd.
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Shaping digitalization together

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Our locations on the map below are designed to encourage spirited collaboration, open exchange and innovative thinking in workshops. More MindSphere Application Centers will be opening in the future and, where there’s demand, workshops can also take place on site or online.