Heading toward a Sustainable Energy future

Meeting the challenges of a sustainable energy system. The world’s population is growing – the demand for energy is growing faster. This presents four core challenges for a sustainable energy system: security of supply, affordability, climate protection, and resource efficiency. It will take ingenuity to succeed.

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Improvements needed all along the energy conversion chain

In order to meet the sustainability challenges, measures must be taken along the entire energy conversion chain – from the utilization of fossil resources for power generation and transportation to improvements in consumption.
Demanding targets

Mastering the operation of a Sustainable Energy system

Working on the improvement of energy efficiency always has been a core driver for the industry. And it has made tremendous progress in providing innovative technologies that contribute to the better utilization of fossil and renewable resources as well as generated power. Still, this is not enough to meet future demanding targets.

The energy system of tomorrow will need to produce much lower greenhouse gas emissions than the one we have today. In order to do so, it will have to master a much higher share of renewable energy sources, fluctuating feed-in volumes, and increasingly decentralized production at ever smaller power plants. This will require many different market operators and technologies to join forces, forming a complex power supply system with new business models. So, besides improvements to each part and piece of the hardware along the energy conversion chain, in the future digitalization will be key to running a stable and sustainable energy system and its parts.

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The energy landscape

With a growing and constantly changing range of power generation methods, as well as new developments in power distribution, storage and consumption, the energy landscape is becoming more and more complex. Numerous small producers of renewable energy, for example, supplement the familiar picture of large power plants. This, in turn, calls for “smart grids” to handle fluctuating feed-ins. Let us take you on a journey through the complete energy landscape and its many interdependencies.
Smart technologies

Leading-edge solutions to shape the future of energy

To ensure an efficient and reliable power supply, both now and in the future, Siemens offers a wide range of physical and digital products, technologies, and solutions – from state-of-the-art compressors, turbines and generators to virtual power plants, intelligent grid management and innovative storage solutions. With its innovative technologies, products, and solutions, Siemens is helping to close the gaps in energy supply and make production, transmission, and distribution smarter.

Together with its customers, Siemens analyses their requirements for energy systems and develops tailored solutions that address their challenges along the entire energy conversion chain. Siemens’ portfolio includes technology and expertise for an economically efficient and reliable power supply, which accounts for resource scarcity and helps to protect the climate. Enter the virtual showroom to get an overview.

Product overview

What we hold in stock for you

Siemens products cover the complete energy conversion chain from the various types of power generation to power transmission and distribution leading to all forms of energy application. Find here an overview of our expertise and services and discover what's possible.

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