Building the future of energy with Keele University

Europe’s largest single, integrated electricity, gas and heat  Smart Energy Network Demonstrator

In the future – how will you get your energy? With the energy system developing into a more diverse network with many sources of generation and increasingly more sources of demand – we will need to balance the energy system to get everyone power when they need it. We call this the decentralisation of energy, however our energy system in the UK hasn’t been set up for this two way flow of power, so there is a lot of work needed to make sure we can generate energy locally, buy and sell energy with our neighbours and install new demand onto the grid like electric vehicle chargers.


In 2018 Siemens partnered with Keele University to turn the campus into Europe’s biggest smart energy network demonstrator, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and improve security of supply to the campus. The SEND microgrid will be a ‘living laboratory’ for research into low carbon energy systems and development of new smart energy technologies and services for university students, business and industry.

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How is the project progressing?

During 2018 Siemens has been developing the electrical infrastructure to bring the ‘living laboratory’ to life and enabling the visualization and analysis of energy flows and consumption onsite. This includes the digitalisation of 24 substations, the installation over 1,500 smart meters, 500 home controllers plus the addition of new energy management software platforms. This will means that demand can be better managed locally according to factors such as the number of students on site at any one time and energy needs of individual buildings.  Further plans will look to integrate 5 MW of renewable energy generation technology.

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