electric avenue

Electric Avenue, W9

The UK's first converted Electric Avenue for lamppost EV charge points
Rocking down to Sutherland Avenue...

Siemens, ubitricity and Westminster City Council have created the UK's first fully converted EV lamppost 'Electric Avenue'

In March 2020, Westminster City Council teamed up with Siemens and ubitricity to unveil the UK's first fully converted lamppost charging street – Sutherland Avenue, W9. Residents can now charge their electric vehicles at 24 lampposts at various locations along the street using the ubitricity 'SmartSocket' technology. The project follows over 1,300 installations across London by Siemens and ubitricity with Siemens installing and maintaining the ubitricity charging technology.

‘Electric Avenue, W9’ showcases a shift in attitudes towards EVs that Britain’s capital is experiencing. Data shows 80 per cent of motorists in central London believe it is ‘very important’ that air quality is improved, and 83 per cent have become more concerned about their carbon footprint in the past five years. Westminster has seen a 40 per cent growth in EVs charged in the borough during 2019, which is more than any other borough in London.

We know that half of London’s air pollution is caused by road transport and Westminster is a particularly busy area. While we cannot solve the challenge of air quality overnight, the ‘Electric Avenue, W9’ is an important showcase of what’s possible using existing city infrastructure. It illustrates how residential streets will look in the near future, and accelerates the shift to zero emission vehicles.
Cedrik Neike, CEO Siemens Smart Infrastructure

Powering ahead with Siemens & ubitricity 


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Siemens and ubitricity have now completed over 1,300 installations covering the breadth of the city, supporting Mayor Sadiq Khan's #LetLondonBreathe campaign and leading the way to improving London's air quality.

How do the lampposts work?

Drivers can park up at a converted lamppost and can connect to the ubitricity 'SimpleSocket' charger using an integrated intelligent charging cable (the ubitricity SmartCable), which combines the technology to provide metered electricity readings and exact, monthly billing for all your charging events – consumption based and down to the kWh. Drivers can also use standard charging cables using the mobile app via a QR code on every lamppost.


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