Siemens and ubitricity

Working together to deliver smart EV charging infrastructure for cities

Siemens and ubitricity, a leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging technology, work together to help London’s boroughs prepare for the rapid increase in EVs expected on UK roads.

We are supporting a Transport for London project in a shared endeavour to make electric vehicle charging accessible by every Londoner, anywhere and at any time.


A significant proportion of residents park their vehicles on-street. To make the change over to electric they need to be ensured of convenient, reliable and affordable charging, and the same benefits those with off-street parking enjoy. With our technology and know-how, this is now becoming a reality for all Londoners.


  • Simple, fast, and affordable – it takes less than an hour to convert (retrofit) a lamppost
  • The unobtrusive design is less prone to vandalism and is even suitable for conservation areas
  • The intelligent charging cable with integrated mobile electricity meter and contract (independently approved by Elexon), can connect to an existing electrical supply, reducing the cost of deployment and disruption to residents
  • Successfully working with some London boroughs for almost three years, with around 300 charging points across London already
  • A world leader in electrification, digital systems and smart infrastructure, Siemens is also able to offer financing options to help deliver economically feasible and scalable charging solution


To improve the air quality in London, reliable and resilient electric vehicle charging must be available to all. We are passionate about developing innovative infrastructure solutions for electric mobility which will accelerate a cleaner and greener energy future.