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The biggest challenge is remaining competitive. And the crux of this: better operational efficiency and flexibility, enhanced productivity performance, improved plant availability, and the analytic use of intelligent plant data to inform current and future strategic decision-making. This future is bright – especially when it's not overshadowed by limitations to brownfield sites.

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SPS 2022

Make it real! Become a Digital Enterprise. We'll show you how at SPS 2022 from November 8th - 10th!

Technology innovations, best-in-class automation solutions, impressive exhibits and great networking opportunities are waiting for you! Meet us there and learn how to accelerate your digital transformation.

#Transform 2022 at Manchester Central on 12 and 13 July

#Transform 2022 was held at Manchester Central on 12 and 13 July

World class brands, large and small, cutting-edge technologies and a huge cross-sector audience discovering common solutions to your pressing challenges.

If you missed Transform 2022, on demand content will be available soon.


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Chemicals 4.0

What drives the industry, drives us – we make it happen!

The digital transformation is picking up speed. Over the entire lifecycle of your plant, data and the digital twin play a decisive role to take advantage of the benefits and potential of Industry 4.0. If all available data are collected and correctly correlated, they form the basis necessary for decisions and interventions at the operational level. When IoT and artificial intelligence merge smoothly, they can react quicker and more flexibly to dynamic market changes and shifts in customer needs. At the same time, we always keep an eye on investment protection and total cost of ownership with individualized and sustainable solutions:

  • A smarter plant start, faster engineering and commissioning.
  • High productivity and uptime, safe and flexible production but also sustainability and security over long plant lifecycles to optimize your operations further and further.
  • Maximizing asset uptime, also by using big data analytics.
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Digital Enterprise for new possibilities in chemical industry

Implementing the Digital Enterprise opens up new possibilities for the chemical industry. With the seamless integration of automation, software and future technologies we work with you to develop optimal solutions for your requirements. We merge the real and virtual worlds and support you in achieving your goals.

Transparency down to the field level

The ground must be prepared now for sustained growth in the future. With the digital twins of product, plant or production you can replicate and optimize your entire plant lifecycle - for greenfield as well as brownfield plants 

We implement this holistic and integrated approach for you with comprehensive industry knowhow and specialized tools. Edge and cloud computing technologies and products help you to make optimal use of your data. The analytics takes place either at field level, in the process control system or in the cloud.

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Digital Enterprise for process industries

Chemical plant
Independent research

Chemical Industry 4.0 - A Formula for Investment

A study of the UK chemical industry’s digital transformation and the building blocks of reliable return on investment from Industry 4.0

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Learn about the key drivers and challenges in the sector and how intelligent use of data can provide significant business impact.

Perhaps you have data, but it is locked away in data silos, or you have very limited data and you just want to know where to start. Our experts explain. 

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Operational excellence

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Maximum safety, efficiency, and productivity are essential for the profitable operation of chemical plants. We can help you reach these goals in the global marketplace. As a reliable partner for the chemical industry, we make your goals our own.

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