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Driving competitiveness and sustainability

The biggest challenge is remaining competitive. And the crux of this: better operational efficiency and flexibility, enhanced productivity performance, improved plant availability, and the analytic use of intelligent plant data to inform current and future strategic decision-making. This future is bright – especially when it's not overshadowed by limitations to brownfield sites.

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Independent research, Nov 15, 2018

Chemical Industry 4.0 - A Formula for Investment

A study of the UK chemical industry’s digital transformation and the building blocks of reliable return on investment from Industry 4.0

Trends and Topics

Driving the chemical industry

What are the current trends in the chemical industry? What drives the industry? What challenges are plant operators facing? We regularly provide insight into current topics.

Growth in figures

The chemical industry is growing. By 2035, the market is expected to reach around 5.6 billion euros, more than double what it is today. Shorter product lifecycles, difficult access to raw materials, and high customer demands pose tremendous challenges for chemical companies.

What drives the industry, drives us.

Decisive factors driving the chemical industry include more efficient processes for commissioning plants more quickly, high productivity, availability and security over long plant lifecycles, and flexible production management. To optimally prepare you to meet these challenges, we offer a wide range of products and solutions all along the value chain. Thanks to digitalization, we can take into account measures during the planning phase already that are relevance for the commissioning, operation and possibly even future modernizations. This creates investment security and reduces the total cost of ownership.

“We support chemical corporations in achieving more effective, cost-efficient, and sustainable operations with integrated Main Automation Vendor (MAV) and lifecycle management concepts.”
Miguel-Angel Fernandez, Head of Vertical Chemicals, Siemens AG.

How to ensure sustainable competitiveness

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Learn about the key drivers and challenges in the sector and how intelligent use of data can provide significant business impact.

Perhaps you have data, but it is locked away in data silos, or you have very limited data and you just want to know where to start. Our experts explain. 

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Whether for the implementation of our systems in new plants or for the migration in current operations: Our solutions and services enable more efficient and more intelligent production throughout the world. In our references, you can learn about our comprehensive industry expertise and customized solutions.


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Maximum safety, efficiency, and productivity are essential for the profitable operation of chemical plants. We can help you reach these goals in the global marketplace. As a reliable partner for the chemical industry, we make your goals our own.

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