Chemical Industry 4.0 - A Formula for Investment

 A study of the UK chemical industry’s digital transformation and the building blocks of reliable return on investment from Industry 4.0

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Management summary

  • Digital transformation is widely recognised as an imperative for the UK chemical industry.
  • Senior management are demanding that the business case for investment in Industry 4.0 offers reliable return on investment.
  • Experts from the sector interviewed for this study have outlined key building blocks - effective Industry 4.0 investments for the UK chemical industry - which help to deliver an accumulating return, while enhancing service levels offered to customers.

Typically, the key investment building blocks were felt to be:-

  •  Digitalise the physical environment
  •  Standardise data protocols
  •  Invest in applications using the data pool
  •  Data exchange with upstream supply chain
  •  Make the digital connection to customers