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We don't just keep our own production producing. We make it happen for others too. 

With mounting pressures of meeting demand during a global pandemic, productivity is everything. We know you're dealing with the "here and now" and anything else can feel an unnecessary undertaking. So we're here to help you keep production producing but with resilience, security, sustainability and improvement in mind.  The work we’ve been doing at our Congleton factory is a great example of how manufacturers can take a practical, phased approach to improvements, whilst getting through production one day at a time.

Temperature variability in food production

Controlling variability to keep production producing consistently. 

Today's automation and digitalisation helps to control and predict design and production variables, and advanced Internet of Things takes this to a new level by tracking and visualising variability in real time - no matter where it occurs throughout he value chain.

Find out how technology helps manage variability in food production

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With a push of a button from strawberry juice to elderberry syrup:

Spitz digitizes plant in Attnang-Puchheim


• Siemens makes the production of the food manufacturer fit for the future and
   secures competitiveness of the traditional company
• Spitz is going to receive very accurate data and analyzes of the production
• Fruit juices and other foods can be more flexible, efficient and qualitative
   produced to a higher quality

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Digitalization increases flexibility

Through various examples we show that both process and discrete workflows in the food and beverage industry can benefit from digitalization.
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With the Digital Enterprise portfolio, we support companies of any size in the food and beverage industry. Here you’ll find some examples from practice.
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