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From product design through to production management, we consider the current needs of your organisation and deploy a market-leading portfolio of technology and flexible financial solutions to allow you to expand digitalisation affordably at any point of the value chain. So whether your challenges lie around managing labour costs, improving data visualisation and reporting, controlling production variability, or setting and achieving sustainability goals, our experts will help to determine the best strategy for you.

Our in-house financing experts from Siemens Financial Services can also help you to acquire the solutions you need in a way that is financially sustainable. Our specialist financing models provide smart options to deploy the technology you need for increased revenue and profitability, and our industry expertise allows us to flex solutions to fit your individual cash flow profile.
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Discover our comprehensive approach to modernising using digitalisation and smart financing

Learn more about Siemens' market-leading portfolio of digital technologies and flexible financial solutions which allow Baked Goods and Confectionary manufacturers to gain valuable competitive advantages.

What can Siemens' Smart Finance solutions do for you?

Financing solutions from Siemens Financial Services make paying for the technology you need to transform your operations quick and easy.
  1. Aligns payments with the rate of benefit received from the technology investment.
  2. Intelligently flexes financing periods to fit each organisation’s cash flow needs and profile.
  3. Provides guaranteed payment level for the whole term – with no possibility of variable rates.
  4. Encompasses equipment, software, maintenance, service and even labour costs if required to deliver a complete solution.
  5. Can be linked to business outcomes, such as productivity increases, energy reduction, optimised uptime, and more.
  6. Extends available financing arrangements beyond existing relationship credit ceilings – outside of core bank credit limits.
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Download recent evidence on current trends and pressures facing the Baked Goods & Confectionary sector. Access financial data and learn how organisations are sustainably modernising their production through digitalisation, enabled by smart financing solutions.
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Learn more about Siemens' solutions for the Baked Goods and Confectionary sector from Keith Thornhill, Head of Food and Beverage, and Carolyn Newsham, Financing Partner for Siemens Digital Industries.
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