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Our digitalisation audit provides transparency into your readiness for digitalisation, helping you to evaluate your capability to connect machines and plant data to an IoT system. 

  • Step 1: acquiring machine and drive system data 
  • Step 2: evaluating your capability for digitalisation
  • Step 3: recommendations for actioning a connection strategy

Our lifecycle information services audit helps to prevent rising maintenance costs by providing proactive service information. This could include reports on your products' status and service recommendations for Siemens products in the installed base.


  • Step 1: collect data from the installed base 
  • Step 2: process and verify the data
  • Step 3: produce an inventory report

Our industrial security audit evaluates your current security status. In addition to reviewing existing policies, processes and procedures (e.g. password policy, patch and back-up strategy), these assessments cover:


  • A holistic analysis of threats and vulnerabilities
  • The identification of risks 
  • Recommendations to close the identified gaps.

Our basic energy audit identifies saving potential for all kinds of consumption (e.g. electricity, gas, steam etc). The audit includes:


  • Step 1: the analysis of existing data
  • Step 2: Siemens experts examining potential savings 
  • Step 3: recommendations for energy-saving measures.

Our capacity planning audit involves our experts checking your suitability for simulation. This involves using simulation techniques to identify where processes can be optimised.


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