Real-time location services (RTLS)

Real-time location services (RTLS) – boost the smartness of your hospital

Boost the smartness of your hospital

In the transition to the new normal hospitals face a multitude of new challenges. It is crucial for them to become smarter to successfully master those challenges. As hospitals are complex facilities it is not always easy for patients and visitors to find their way. At the same time, nurses spend a considerable amount of time searching for equipment. The easiest way to increase staff efficiency and improve patient satisfaction is saving time. Real-time location services (RTLS) is one of our solutions to help smart hospitals master the challenges of the smart new normal. It enables staff to find assets faster, helps visitors to take the fastest way possible and frees-up valuable time for patient care.

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Use cases

A multitude of applications running on one platform

RTLS can improve staff productivity and enhance the patient experience on many levels. Our system is open by design. This enables 3rd party applications to make use of the location data coming from the RTLS platform. The following use cases give an example of the most common applications for hospitals. Of course, there are many more use cases. We are happy to discuss your requirements – just get in touch!

Asset tracking: Trace and track your assets

With RTLS, searching for assets or losing costly equipment is the exception rather than the rule – giving your staff more time to focus on patient care.The system allows you to track important assets and manage the equipment status using dedicated software. You can choose to track only your most expensive assets or virtually every single piece of equipment. Status tags like “clean” or “occupied” let your staff know if the asset can be used. If the equipment inventory levels are not on par or the asset is leaving a certain area, an alarm is triggered, thus reducing the number of lost or stolen devices. The system is open, allowing you to track exactly the assets you need using cost-efficient Bluetooth technology.

Patient flow: Reduce waiting times

Improving the patient flow increases the hospital capacity and enhances the patient experience at the same time. The patient’s journey starts at home with the ability to check in online. On the hospital premises, the patient is guided to the right parking place. In the hospital itself, RTLS gives staff and visitors updates on the patient status and displays the wait times per patient on dashboard. This knowledge allows hospitals to improve patient flow, reduce long waiting times in crowded rooms and increase their treatment capacity – for an overall better patient experience.

Wayfinding: Reach your destination faster

Navigating your way through a hospital can be complex for both visitors and patients. It even takes new staff members some time before they know their way in the facility. Wayfinding solutions help reduce lost time and stress for anyone less familiar with the facility. In addition, they can greatly enrich the existing signage since navigation information can be displayed in different languages. Providing wayfinding to visitors and patients improves their experience, because they do not have to ask several people for the right directions, while hospital staff saves time, because they will not have to interrupt their work to give directions.


Improve staff productivity and satisfaction

Give your staff time to focus on what really matters: Patient care

In facilities without RTLS, nurses spend an average of 72 minutes per shift searching for equipment. The average equipment utilization rate is below 40 percent, while the share of lost or stolen assets is estimated to be between 10 and 20 percent. For this reason, implementing RTLS in your hospital’s infrastructure has a huge impact on overall staff efficiency. Nurses have to spend less time searching equipment and can put all of their effort and focus back on patient care. Existing equipment is used more efficiently and the percentage of lost or stolen assets decreases significantly, RTLS provides hospital operators with one open IoT infrastructure that can work with any software already in use. In addition, it can offer a large number of additional features like space utilization or lighting control that further help reduce operational costs. Find out more about the features of this smart IoT infrastructure system on the webpage of the Siemens company  Enlighted.


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