Reducing the cost of downtime

Addressing the intralogistics industry's    biggest challenges

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Reducing the cost of downtime: addressing the intralogistics industry’s biggest challenges


In the intralogistics industry, every second is a resource that cannot afford to go to waste. Yet, machine downtime continues to plague intralogistics companies. A crippling trinity of downtime challenges, including low overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), high service costs and unpredictable machines is costing precious time and money.


By rethinking processes to help intralogistic facilities to work smarter, not harder, it is possible to establish a more sustainable way of operating.


In this eBook, we will take a closer look at how hardware – and increasingly software and cloud - can affect each of the main challenges posed by downtime.


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• Improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

• High service costs

• Guaranteeing uptime