Helping you to work smarter, not harder. 

We realise downtime is incredibly costly. So we want to help you avoid it.  

Intralogistics market leaders are driving customer expectations for unparalleled customer experience. Whether it’s same or next-day delivery of parcels or goods, convenience of returns, or the time it takes to collect passenger or cargo baggage at airport arrivals. To offer this level of service, you have to ensure the highest level of availability to maximise throughput. Siemens Intralogistics Solutions help you work smarter, not harder. This re-balances the supplier and customer relationship, allowing you to deliver positive customer outcomes, without jeopardising cost and operational-efficiency.

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Siemens and Ocado deliver the automated warehouse of the future

Ocado, the world’s only exclusively online supermarket, has developed next generation automated warehouses, where robots working together can pick and fulfil customer orders, averaging around 50 items, in just minutes.

Siemens and Ocado have been strategic partners for many years, working together on Ocado’s earlier generation of automated warehouses. The current solution is a step up, and totally consistent with Ocado’s culture and reputation as an innovator and self-disruptor. The Siemens solution, based around the SIMATIC S7 controller, raised the bar and gave Ocado the perfect platform to work from.

Siemens will continue to support Ocado with a technology roadmap that will help Ocado to remain a market leader and serial innovator. Both organisations have a proven track record of overcoming some of the most complex challenges using technology and engineering excellence. 

Delivering a highly automated warehouse using this new system took our competitors ten years. We did it in just three. Siemens collaborated with us during crucial stages of the development lifecycle to deliver our assets on time.
Andrew Selim, Projects Manager, Ocado
First-hand expertise

In-house Intralogistics Expertise

Scott Read is a fully-qualified engineer with a degree in Account Management from The Institute of Sales Management (ISM). He has worked closely on both our Amazon and Ocado accounts, helping these world-leading brands to integrate automation and intralogistics into their processes.
Intralogistics is about embracing digitalisation. Understanding the specific challenges customers face will be key to unlocking its true potential.
Scott Read – Head of Intralogistics, Siemens UK & Ireland
Products and Services

Working with Siemens

As your service partner, we fulfil your requirements with our modular and customer-specific logistics solutions. By tailoring our service contracts to your individual needs, we ensure that your installations can be operated reliably with forward-looking maintenance solutions. We help you to digitalise your processes, enhancing their efficiency and transparency and making them easier to plan – from diagnostics through to data-based action recommendations for your maintenance operations.


You can expect:

  • Site audit and gap analysis, including digital readiness health check: we’ll interview stakeholders across different departments to give a true sense of the challenges being faced at every business level
  • A personalised presentation, featuring:
    - Your digitalised future   
    - A suite of improvement options for you to choose from 
    - A detailed integration plan
    - Our estimated value of improvements, taking into account the cost of FTEs and engineering support
  • A collaborative approach and access to our MHE solution partner network 
  • A Totally Integrated Automation approach using latest hardware 

Products and Solutions

Pay for Results, Not Promises

We’ve been leaders in manufacturing for 170 years. This heritage, combined with our experience in process excellence, makes us the ideal partner to drive change in your business. We understand the machinery, we know the people and processes, and we’re automation experts.


We offer an innovative outcome-based model for automation, digitalisation and robotics projects. That means we’ll fund the upfront costs of your intralogistics improvement project until you start to see a return on investment.


We use our insight and automation technology to enable intralogistics companies to meet customer expectations by solving issues including:

  • Labour shortages  
  • The need to reduce downtime and meet environmental objectives