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Digital twins of machines help you to develop your plant faster and more efficient. You can optimize new machines right from the design phase, identify potential improvements before the actual commissioning and use machine data to continuously optimize operation. Siemens offers the technical prerequisites to become a digital enterprise – implement now!

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#Transform 2022 at Manchester Central on 12 and 13 July

#Transform 2022 was held at Manchester Central on 12 and 13 July

World class brands, large and small, cutting-edge technologies and a huge cross-sector audience discovering common solutions to your pressing challenges.

If you missed Transform 2022, on demand content will be available soon.

Fair, Nov 8 - Nov 10

SPS 2022

Make it real! Become a Digital Enterprise. We'll show you how at SPS 2022 from November 8th - 10th!

Technology innovations, best-in-class automation solutions, impressive exhibits and great networking opportunities are waiting for you! Meet us there and learn how to accelerate your digital transformation.

Our industry-crossing solution portfolio enables module and machine builders to meet the increasing requirements of industry. It comprises the entire lifecycle from development to production and to services. Our experts will support you to unlock and implement the full potential of the Digital Enterprise. Our offer contains proven products and solutions as well as industrially usable future technologies like additive manufacturing or robotics and customizable financing options.

Application support

Global Siemens APC Application Support for Production Machines

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Financing solutions for the industry market

As an international financial services provider, we supply financial solutions for business-to-business customers.

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Industrialize Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing is revolutionizing industrial manufacturing. Siemens is the only company in the world to offer integrated software and automation solutions for industrial use.

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Converting solutions

Ever-increasing production speeds, maximum availability and flexibility, optimal product quality and minimal lifecycle costs – it's already a reality, thanks to the Digital Enterprise solution portfolio.

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Conveyor technology

We simply offer complete solutions – quotations for conveyor equipment up to complete plants and systems that fit for every application.

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Handling solutions for all applications

Products need to be customized, produced in smaller batch sizes, and reach the market more and more quickly. With the Digital Enterprise solution portfolio, you are on the safe side.

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Robot integration key visual

SIMATIC Robot Integrator

Your shortcut to robotics: simple integration of robots from all manufacturers – without using external specialists.

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Multi-Carrier-System (MCS)

Like the demands of its customers, industrial production has also changed. The Digital Enterprise solution portfolio is paving the way to achieve this.

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Virtual commissioning

Using the TIA Portal to simulate, validate, and optimize controllers and machines.

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Industrial heating solutions

SIPLUS HCS – I/O systems for industrial heating processes

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Smart Power Management

Equip your machine to handle weak or unstable grids.

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Industry increases the frequency of production and fulfills more and more individual customer demands – that’s something module and machine builders have to consider. Because of varying requirements of different markets, we adapted our solution portfolio specifically to each market. Thus we enable every industry to link the digital twins of modules and machine in a unique way. This way you can realize the digital transformation of your company along the entire value chain.

Solutions for printing machines

In our wide-ranging Digital Enterprise solution portfolio, you'll find the customized solution for drive and automation technology to meet any requirement.

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Producing faster and more flexible – with digital solutions.

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Glas­s industry

Innovative solutions for machine building in the glass industry.

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Woodworking and timber processing machines

Here, you can read how you can profit from the unique Siemens portfolio of drive and automation technology.

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Plastics machines

The fast and cost-effective way to the ideal plastics machine.

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OEM Processes

Solutions for the process industry.

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Solar­ production machines

Intelligent automation uses every ray of sun.

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Textil­e machines

Boosting reliability and cost efficiency in the textile industry – take advantage of the broadest spectrum for machine builders.

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Metal forming

Greater speed, higher efficiency, more flexibility in sheet metal working: solutions from Siemens.

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Packaging machines

Faster time-to-market with scalable, modular solutions.

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Machine tools

A suitable solution for every industry.

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Natural stone processing industry

Innovative solutions for machine building in the natural stone processing industry

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Digital Experience Centre

You are welcome to our Digital Experience Centre in Manchester to learn more about the benefits of digitalisation across the value chain see fully operational examples of transformative digital technologies.

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Experience digitalization

Digitalization in machine building and plant engineering

Benefit flexibly and efficiently from the advantages of digitalization today in order to enable increasingly individual products faster. This is already possible for companies of any size and market.

The digital twin in machine building

The digital twin is the precise virtual model of a machine or a production plant. It displays their development throughout the entire lifecycle and allows operators to predict behavior, optimizing performance, and implement insights from previous design and production experiences.

Our comprehensive concept of the digital twin consists of three forms: the digital twin of the product, the digital twin of production, and the digital twin of the performance of both product and production. Thanks to our comprehensive domain expertise and optimized tools, Siemens is the only company that offers this holistic approach and is able to create the closed-loop connection between the virtual world of product development and production planning with the physical world of production system and product performance. Through this connection actionable insight is gained from the physical world for informed decisions throughout the lifecycle of products and production operations.

Holistic approach

The Digital Enterprise Suite enables manufacturing companies to integrate and digitalize their business processes – including their suppliers. They can start at any point in their value chain, from product design to production planning, production engineering, production execution, and services, and expand the digitalization process step by step. The same goes for machine building: from the machine design to engineering, commissioning, machine operation, and services.

MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system, creates a link to the Internet of Things. This means manufacturers can analyze their production facilities and products in actual use, and feed back the insights into the entire value chain for continuous optimization. Machine builders can analyze the machine performance for ongoing optimization of the machine allowing even new machine concepts.

Find out what new value streams could look like for you and your customers by using a digital twin

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Digitalization in use today

Find out how machine builders and plant engineers around the world are using industry and application-specific solutions to create winning concepts for machines and plants.
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Advancing digitalization needs comprehensive security
How secure is your business? Our defense in depth security offering for the Machine Building Industry

Advancing digitalization needs comprehensive security

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Take off into a digital future today as you and your customers benefit from the wide range of solutions available. Find out about the new types of business models that are now possible. We look forward to accompanying you on this journey.

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