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Intelligent water management

Imagine a cloud-based platform capable of harnessing and analysing the flow of data gathered by smart sensors integrated throughout the network. A system capable of extensively and intensively monitoring water quality across the distribution network and improving the efficiency of 20,000 distributed pumps.  A system capable of providing advanced warning of combined sewer overflows and effective analysis to help you locate and fix leaks. A system capable of improving both customer satisfaction and the environment. A system ready to drive quality, efficiency and resilience and ready to save water and revenue at the same time. Siemens has combined 165 years of experience in the UK Water Industry with decades of experience bringing digital solutions to market in the power and manufacturing sectors.

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Innovative IoT and AI solutions for AMP7


Siemens intelligent clean and waste water management solutions are sustainable and support reducing risks such as unconsented spills leading to pollution incidents, pump failures and the risks of internal and external sewer flooding and sewer collapse. Our IoT and AI solutions will help you improve environmental compliance, sewer network availability and operational efficiency. 





Increase operational efficiency and improve environmental compliance

Siemens Waste Water Network solutions are sustainable and support reducing the risk of unconsented spills leading to pollution incidents, pump failures and risk of internal and external sewer flooding and sewer collapse through IoT and AI solutions. Improving environmental compliance, sewer network availability and operational efficiency.


  • Siemens pump efficiency and blockage prediction solution from MindSphere won’t just alert you to problems within the system, it will predict them before they even happen and work to fix pump blockages, whilst maintaining pump efficiency. Find out more about SIWA Pump Guardian 
  • Pump monitoring and unblocking See how Anglian Water is using SIMOCODE to sense pump blockages and unblock them automatically. Anglian Water reference
  • Preventing unconsented spills from wastewater networks Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) analysis, a Siemens MindSphere solution, evaluates CSO efficiency in real time to provide a better understanding of the system’s performance. This helps to identify if a sewer is blocked or is not operating correctly or if a CSO is soon to have operational issues. The analytics are embedded within a PC-based application, which notifies users of an issue in advance of the incident.  Find out more about SIWA Blockage Predictor 
  • Optimsed Network Control Water management from Siemens optimises flood control in northern Germany. The result is a significant reduction in the amount of relief discharge by up to 85% for a single rainstorm. Flood control in north Germany




Reducing leakage, risk and energy costs

Siemens Clean Water Network solutions support the overall industry wide trends according to OfWat on delivering affordable and great customer service, long term resilience and innovation. Key focus areas therefore are reducing leakage, risk and energy costs:

  • Reducing Leakage A proven solution that can detect leaks 33% smaller than alternative technologies, seeking pilots in the UK.  Combining pressure, metering and other sensor data with AI and hydraulic models. See how we are working with BuntPlanet for small leak detection
  • Identifying Bursts  Siemens provides the hardware and software that help to locate bursts with an accuracy of up to 20 metres - SIWA Burst
  • Saving Energy  Download the SIWA Optim brochure
  • Monitoring Dams Managing the risks of dams can be costly, yet with the impact of of failure so high, frequent monitoring is essential. Siemens has partnered with HR Wallingford to explore the potential for IoT and satellite data to deliver better insights at less cost. Visit DAMSAT to find out more

Securing natural water quality - up to 85% reduced relief discharge

Severe rainfall poses a risk not only to buildings and roads but also to the environment.  The heavy flows triggered by the rain may flood sewer systems, leading to an overflow of untreated sewage into rivers and lakes.  Storm sewage often contains significant levels of waste and hazardous substances and impacts natural water quality.  With SIWA sewer control solution, the relief discharge can be directed to protect sensitive bodies of water and be reduced by up to 85% for single events.


See how Water management from Siemens is optimising flood control in northern Germany

Increasing operational efficiency - up to 70% reduced pump blockages

Blocked pumps are a huge problem at utility providers, which can cause customer and environmental impacts as well as commnercial costs.  SIMOCODE can pro-actively work to clean pumps and prevent blockages.  This innovative deployment of technology has reduced blockages on site by up to 70% and has also decreased the number of pollution incidents. 


Read about how SIMOCODE is reducing pump blockages at Anglian Water

Minimise water loss - up to 33% smaller leak detection

By monitoring both conveyance networks and metering infrastructure SIWA lead detection systems simultaneously detect both physical and apparent water losses and offer live leak reporting.  The platform can pinpoint potential faults and detect leaks up to 33% smaller than alternative technologies.  This increased sensitivity allows to identify problems earlier and minimising water losses and network damage.


Find out more about Siemens' SIWA leak detection systems



Saving energy - up to 15% lower energy costs

Sustainable use of resources means reduced costs. Optimise the energy requirements of your pumps by using SIWA Optim, and reduce energy consumption by up to 15%


Reduce your energy costs with SIWA Optim


Challenges for water companies

You can't control what you can't see

Supplying drinking water to the world’s population and treating waste water are UK and global challenges. Regulatory requirements as well as associated fines and rewards are rising in regard to environmental compliance, operational efficiency and customer service and budget. Find out how we can support you with solutions for digitalisation, automation and electrification - you can’t control what you can’t see.

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