Predict sewer spills and blockages before they happen

Tap water flowing into sink and down plughole

Siemens Intelligent Water Management 

Sewage pump stations

  • With over 10,000 sewage pump stations across the UK, utilities have a real challenge to maintain visibility and control over each asset. Global warming and an increasing population are bringing additional groundwater and unforeseen system overloads due to increased demand.

  • This causes blockages, which leads to flooding, leaving providers with expensive penalties and customer complaints.

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Pump Guardian 

Pump efficiency and blockage prediction solution

Siemens' pump efficiency and blockage prediction solution, Pump Guardian from MindSphere won’t just alert you to problems within the system, it will predict them before they even happen and work to fix pump blockages, whilst maintaining pump efficiency.

How the Siemens solutions work within your network:

Identifying leaks and blockages 


SIMOCODE pro motor management system and the Pump Guardian MindSphere app are is installed to identify and prevent:

  • Impeller blockages  

  • Pipework blockages 

  • Single event blockages 

The system continually monitors a pump’s current. If debris builds up, SIMOCODE identifies the change in motor current and automatically reverses the direction of the pump to dislodge and free the debris. This reduces the likelihood of the pump malfunctioning and breaking, causing leaks in the network. SIMOCODE can be deployed to one or all pumps within a network. 


Maintaining pump efficiency


Analysis collected through SIMOCODE feeds back into MindSphere and can be combined with other data to help you to intelligently and efficiently manage the water across the network. It can identify blockages and reversals, highlight high tank levels, locate inefficient or offline pumps and identify energy-saving and network improvement opportunities.


How can MindSphere solutions help you?


Unlike conventional sewer monitoring that can only provide diagnostic insights, MindSphere’s near real-time insights are capable of highlighting underperformance and enable improved targeting of sewer service operations.  


It can also:

  • Help you to action proactive, preventative maintenance, minimizing disruption and environmental impact, to improve reliability and keep customers happy 

  • Free up your maintenance staff to focus on improving service delivery 

  • Ensure your teams have a clear picture of the network’s resiliency through the data feed 

  • Improve investment decision-making by providing you with efficiency and operational data 

Our MindSphere solutions provide quality, efficiency and resilience and will save water and maximise revenue at the same time.

What is MindSphere ?

Siemens’ MindSphere, a cloud-based, open Internet of Things (IoT) operating system, enables the water industry to link their machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world easily, quickly and economically and is hosted in secure data centres of qualified cloud providers worldwide – AWS, Azure and others.


The embedded security framework aligns with the most stringent industry standards (e.g. IEC62443/ISO27001/NCSC guidelines) and governmental recommendations.


Harnessing data from virtually any number of connected intelligent devices, enterprise systems and federated sources allows for analysis of real-time operational data throughout the water distribution network. This analysis then leads to optimised processes, resource and productivity gains, the development of new business models and the reduction of operations and maintenance costs. Companies leveraging MindSphere boost performance, sharpen their competitive advantage and realise much more profitability.

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