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Industrial Communication: increasing efficiency and productivity based on proven standards

Without industrial communication, complex tasks like controlling machines and entire production lines, monitoring state-of-the-art transportation systems or managing power distribution would be impossible. The digital transformation would also be impossible without powerful communication solutions. The reliable, secure networking of machines and plants based on professional planning and realization using SCALANCE, RUGGEDCOM and SIMATIC NET network components provides the basis for all this to happen.

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Industrial Ethernet

The basis for efficient automation: with increasing digitalization, the requirements on industrial communications networks are rising continually. Powerful, integrated, and more and more real-time capable communications networks are required. Industrial Ethernet is the tried-and-tested technology that can meet these challenges – including the Ethernet-based standard TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking) in the future.

Industrial Wireless Communication

Wireless communication offers many possibilities in the industry for particularly flexible and efficient automation solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of products, solutions and services covering the entire industrial wireless communication spectrum from Industrial Wireless LAN (IWLAN) to WiMAX and WirelessHART. Whether your applications include logistics or port facilities, automobile manufacturing or amusement parks, our components for wireless communication cover various indoor as well as outdoor applications, even under the toughest conditions.

Industrial Remote Communication

Industrial plants are frequently widely spread apart – sometimes even across countries and borders. Siemens offers proven solutions for industrial remote access in public infrastructure, the manufacturing and the process industries, for both telecontrol and teleservice applications. For connecting plants distributed around the world, we offer a broad spectrum of industrial routers, both for wired and wireless access to private and public networks (remote networks). This also allows further remote applications such as video surveillance, condition monitoring, and smart grid applications.

Rugged Communication

With RUGGEDCOM, the name speaks for itself. RUGGEDCOM products set new standards for quality and reliability for communication networks deployed in harsh environments. Covering an extremely wide temperature range, they offer zero-packet-loss technology under high electromagnetic interference and enhanced Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (eRSTP™) for ultra-high-speed network fault recovery.

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Industry-specific Communication

The special requirements of some industries make special solutions necessary. Discover the industry-specific products and services for industrial communication from Siemens.
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Industrial Communication Highlights

At Siemens, industrial communication is not only about hardware products. You can also obtain special services and support, along with domain-specific expertise to help ensure continued success for your projects.
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