OT and IT: separated and yet connected

The separation of the networks is important from today's point of view, since the requirements of OT (operational technology) and IT (information technology) are fundamentally different. The demands of IT focus primarily on the user experience, i.e. the performance of the transmission of data such as telemetry, location, voice, and video over a common infrastructure, as well as on cybersecurity. On the other hand, OT focuses on the secure operation of plants with the reliable data transmission of time-critical applications – even in harsh environments. The focus here is therefore on constant availability. The question arises: How can companies connect these two different worlds, since the continuous data exchange is essential for digitalized, efficient processes?

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From Baler Twine to Intertwined: Lessons for OT professionals

Ian Poulett, Head of Industrial Communications, blogs about his experience of working with OT professionals and IT professionals and some things that need to change.

OT/IT integration

How to get a smooth OT / IT integration?

This only works with partners who are proficient in both worlds and have produced successful OT and IT solutions in the respective industries. This is accomplished by only a few providers. The following is an overview of what experienced partners should provide:

The industrial backbone plays an “intermediary” for an enterprise-wide data highway

Read in the exclusive report how the individual levels of an industrial network interact, which topological particularities they have and what you must consider when planning them.

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