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SIMOCODE pro has been managing constant-speed, low-voltage motors for 50 years. It provides comprehensive protective, monitoring, and control functions. Enjoy the benefits of detailed operating, servicing, and diagnostics data – also for fail-safe disconnection of motors. Communication via PROFIBUS, PROFINET / PROFIsafe, Modbus RTU, and Ethernet IP and OPC UA – which also lets you take advantage of the cloud.

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SIMOCODE pro goes MindSphere

With OPC UA, SIMOCODE pro offers a flexible and powerful communication interface via Industrial Ethernet for automation as well as operation and monitoring systems. Acting as OPC UA client, these systems can access all important operating, service and diagnostics data of SIMOCODE pro for PROFINET and transfer control commands via the integrated OPC UA server. The motor management system directs information from the control panel via Ethernet right to where it is processed: directly on site on HMI Panels or across multiple systems in higher-level cloud-based solutions such as Siemens MindSphere.

Strong benefits

  • Scalable, flexible solutions for all system configurations
  • Detailed operational, service and diagnostic data – at any time or place
  • Safe shutdown of motors
  • Scalable, flexible solutions for all system configurations
  • Versatile, open communication through a wide range of bus systems and protocols
  • Integration into process control systems, such as SIMATIC PCS 7
  • Plant-wide access to control data, process values, and measured values without complex configuration
  • Predictive maintenance, energy data management, and resource optimization
Current requirements

Powerful solutions for all areas of the process industry

Wherever motors keep things running in the process industries, SIMOCODE is there at the technological forefront. Market requirements are increasing. Solutions that provide greater transparency of measured data, reliable residual current monitoring, more flexible applications, space requirements, and system redundancy are in high demand.

NEW: active power-based dry-run protection

SIMOCODE pro redefines dry-run protection for pumps in hazardous areas

Precise measurement is especially important in potentially explosive areas like those found in the chemical industry. Reliable dry-run protection is essential to prevent centrifugal pumps from running dry. Until now, the liquid level in pipes has been monitored using high-maintenance, fault-prone sensors.


With the new SIMOCODE pro current/voltage modules, Siemens provides innovative monitoring technology that breaks away from conventional pump monitoring and redefines dry-run protection. Whereas conventional dry-run detection follows a response chain from the dry-run sensor to the pump via the process controller, SIMOCODE pro can monitor the pump’s status via the pump motor’s active-power input. There’s no need to install additional monitoring devices or external measuring sensors. SIMOCODE pro offers many benefits compared with earlier sensor detection:


-    Higher measuring accuracy

-    Earlier fault detection

-    Reduced hardware

-    No maintenance effort

-    Cost and time savings

-    Reliable plant monitoring according to ATEX and IECEx criteria

Pump cleaning in the water industry

System & Products

SIMOCODE motor management system

The two basic units SIMOCODE pro S and SIMOCODE pro V contain all essential motor protection and control functions and therefore are the heart of the motor management system SIMOCODE pro. We offer two device series that are functionally graded and harmonized with each other so that you can enjoy the full benefits of SIMOCODE pro in all areas of process industry.

Comprehensive monitoring

SIMOCODE pro monitors motors with rated motor currents up to 820 A. Therefore, different current measuring modules are available. Instead of current measuring modules, for SIMOCODE pro V you can also use current/voltage measuring modules. This allows you to not only measure motor current, but also voltages up to 690 V and monitor power-related measured quantities.

Easy control

The operator panel is used to control the motor starter. It can be built into a control cabinet door and features IP54 as degree of protection. Thus, SIMOCODE pro or the starter can be directly operated from the control cabinet. The system interface integrated in the operator panel at the front allows for convenient PC/PG based parameter assignment and diagnostics directly at the control cabinet door. Attaching an addressing plug or memory module allows for the quick transmission of PROFIBUS addresses or even the complete parameter setting of your feeder. To be able to read measuring values, operational and diagnostics data fast and easily at the control cabinet, the operator panel for SIMOCODE pro V is optionally available with a display and menu navigation in 8 different languages. In addition, the operator panel offers the possibility to read out the internal device fault memory.

Enhance your entry-class motor management with just one more module for even more functionality:

  • 4 additional digital inputs (input voltage 24 V DC, 110–240 V AC/DC)
  • 2 relay outputs
  • Earth-fault monitoring with a 3UL23 residual current transformer in the range 30 mA–40 A
  • Temperature monitoring with connection of an analog temperature sensor (PT100, PT1000, KTY83, KTY84 or NTC)

Increase the type and number of digital input and relay outputs of SIMOCODE pro V step-by-step by using digital modules. This allows you to: 

  • Input or output additional process signals and implement additional functions
  • Retrofit externally supplied digital inputs (24 V DC or 110–240 V AC/DC)
  • Add bistable relay outputs; the relay outputs’ switching status is kept stable even if the power supply voltage fails

With our earth-fault module – in addition to the earth-fault monitoring function integrated into the basic unit – your external earth-fault monitoring will be even more precise using a summation current transformer.

In parallel to the thermistor motor protection, you can easily integrate up to three analog temperature sensors (e.g. PT100, PT1000, KTY, NTC) into your process by using the temperature module. This allows for easier monitoring of bearing, gear oil and coolant temperature.

Expand the motor management system SIMOCODE pro V with analog inputs and outputs (0/4–20 mA) by using the analog module for SIMOCODE pro V. This makes process monitoring of filling levels, flow rates, dry running or filter contamination extremely easy.

The fail-safe digital module DM-F Local can be used for applications that require a local fail-safe disconnection (e.g. emergency stop) or a fail-safe disconnection via a fail-safe hardware output (e.g. a fail-safe signal of a controller).

The fail-safe digital module DM-F PROFIsafe can be used for applications in which the disconnection signal is being generated by a fail-safe controller and transmitted to the DM-F PROFIsafe module via PROFIBUS/PROFINET, using the standardized profile PROFIsafe.

Direct use at the power distribution board SIVACONS8

SIMOCODE pro is employed in SIVACON S8 boards in fixed-mounted or withdrawable design and facilitates the assembly of powerful, yet at the same time extremely space-saving, load feeders with communication capability.


Thanks to the initialization module for SIMOCODE pro, power distribution board and motor management system grow together even more closely: With the withdrawable design frequently to be found in motor control centers, the initialization module is permanently integrated in the power distribution board. As a result, feeder-related parameter and address data are precisely assigned to the respective feeder. When the withdrawable module is replaced, the new component is automatically initialized with the correct parameters.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Automatic storage and loading of device parameters and device address in the initialization module in the motor control center
  • Exact assignment of parameter and address data to individual motor feeders
  • Easy replacement of the MCC plug-in module with no special knowledge of SIMOCODE necessary
  • No more manual addressing and parameterization of SIMOCODE required, making it easier to operate the power distribution board
  • Continued correct operation when withdrawable unit replaced for SIMOCODE pro S and SIMOCODE pro V

Comfortable integration via integrated interface

SIMOCODE pro supports the motor feeder’s standardized integration in superior automation systems via PROFIBUS/Modbus and PROFINET, as well as EtherNet/IP.
SIMOCODE pro for PROFIBUS + Modbus
Cyclic services (DPV0) and acyclic services (DPV1)
Support of PROFINET IO’s system redundancy mechanisms
Comprehensive diagnostics and process alarms
Line and ring bus topologies thanks to integrated switch
Fail-safe communication via PROFIsafe (for SIMOCODE pro V)
Media redundancy via MRP protocol
Time stamping of digital signals with high temporal accuracy (for SIMOCODE pro V)
Fail-safe communication via PROFIsafe
Break function and measured values for energy management via PROFIenergy
NTP-synchronized time
Module replacement without PC/memory module via neighborhood detection

Comprehensive diagnostics and maintenance alarms
OPC UA server function for open communication with visualization and control systems
Operating, service and diagnostics data via standard web browser

For PROFINET and EtherNet/IP

SIMOCODE pro supports the PROFINET system redundancy function. SIMOCODE pro motor management devices can be directly linked to high-availability systems with two controllers, without the need for any further hardware. Especially in the case of complex automation tasks in the process industry, where the focus is on system availability and redundancy of the control system, reliable communication with the H-CPU is important. Both controllers belonging to the H system always have access to the SIMOCODE pro field device. In the event of a cable break or CPU failure, the other one takes over. This ensures seamless communication.


Advantages at a glance:

  • Clearly enhanced system availability
  • Minimized production outages - high productivity
  • No system restart costs

For PROFINET and EtherNet/IP

The web diagnostics function integrated in SIMOCODE pro facilitates global access to all important online information for diagnostics and service purposes (with PROFINET and EtherNet/IP). Relevant data can even be accessed via a PC with standard web browser: Either directly on-site or remotely via the Internet. Detailed status information on the motor, current measured values such as current and power, fault memory as well as service and statistical data can be transparently displayed via device-internal websites.


Easy engineering, transparent system

Ease of planning, high configuration reliability, rapid commissioning as well as parameterization, diagnostics, and maintenance-relevant monitoring functions: All these are characteristics of convenient engineering with SIMOCODE ES, the central software for configuration, commissioning, operation, and diagnostics of SIMOCODE pro devices. Integrated in the uniform engineering framework of the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal), SIMOCODE ES represents the efficient and intuitive solution for all automation tasks.
Comfortable engineering with SIMOCODE ES

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Easy and fast

With SIMOCODE ES, you benefit from numerous advantages, including convenient parameterization in the device view, graphical commissioning via drag & drop, and online representation of signal states using straightforward measuring curves for diagnostic purposes.

Easy and standardized

The PCS 7 SIMOCODE library enables simple and easy integration of SIMOCODE pro into the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system. The PCS 7 library contains standardized motor blocks and faceplates for controlling or operating and monitoring the motor. For the plant-wide device parameter setting and diagnostics, SIMOCODE pro is also integrated into SIMATIC PDM (Process Device Manager). This means that a standard, unified tool is embedded in the process control system for intelligent field devices such as SIMOCODE pro.


Advantages at a glance

  • Consistent, uniform integration in SIMATIC PCS 7
  • Standardized blocks for easy integration and optimized operation
  • Easy-to-integrate safety technology thanks to SIMOCODE pro Safety
  • Greater process transparency due to enhanced information density in the process control system

Easy and future-proof

Configuration and commissioning of SIMOCODE pro can also be realized in the TIA Portal without additional software.

As device configuration forms part of STEP 7, each individually-created configuration is loaded into the PLC and automatically transferred to the SIMOCODE pro devices connected via PROFIBUS/PROFINET.


Advantages at a glance

  • Very simple operation; SIMOCODE pro configured without the need for additional tools
  • Fast, simple integration in SIMATIC through shared data management and a uniform user interface
  • The TIA Portal is designed so that all future software developments to do with SIMOCODE pro can be seamlessly integrated

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SIMOCODE pro means much more than just motor management. The ongoing development of devices with new measurement modules and connection to the cloud, simple engineering, and reliable utilization in a variety of areas in the process industries make SIMOCODE pro an incredibly powerful product family for maximum process quality. And take advantage of greater transparency, safety, and efficiency with cloud connection.

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