The stylized image of the inner workings of a control panel. Four yellow bands visualizing the stream of data between components run through the gap between the hardware on the left- and right-hand sides.

Room for new perspectives: Process Control System SIMATIC PCS 7 Version 9

Version 9 for more flexibility in process automation. Plants in the process industries have to satisfy increasingly stringent demands in terms of flexibility, scalability, availability, safety and security while still offering maximum protection of investment for life cycles that may exceed 30 years. Our process control technology  provides the smart answer to these complex and competing demands. 
Why SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.0 opens up new perspectives

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Enter a new world of process control

Completely web-based and with a central, object-oriented data management: With SIMATIC PCS neo, you’re taking a major step toward Industrie 4.0. This pioneering process control system opens up entirely new opportunities in many disciplines and ensures maximum efficiency and usability.

Process Control System SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.0 / DCS system

More flexibility in process automation: expanded opportunities in the smallest of space

When we developed the version 9.0 of our proven DCS process control system, we focused on the future-oriented opportunities of digitalization right through to field level. That’s why we expanded our system solution to include particularly powerful and compact hardware products that support PROFINET, the world-leading industrial Ethernet standard – and allow greater freedom in plant design and operation.

Discover more freedom in process automation

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Digitalization down to the field level

SIMATIC PCS 7 version 9 paves the way for plant-wide digitalization. Thanks to total PROFINET support, our trail-blazing system not only bridges the gap of communication down to the field level, but also between now and the future. Or more precisely, towards digitalization.

From well-proven to future-proof: PROFINET

SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.0 is based on PROFINET. The world’s leading industrial Ethernet standard is playing a key role in the digital transformation of the process industries: PROFINET provides the prerequisites for powerful, plant-wide communication in real time, which is indispensable in the era of Big Data. Furthermore, it is key to the end-to-end diagnostics, monitoring and evaluation of process-relevant data. PROFINET also lets you create flexible and easily scalable network structures. There are further advantages: cost savings across the entire plant life cycle because your wiring costs are so much lower, and because freely scalable redundancy lets you set your plant availability individually.

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From local to global: SIMATIC Compact Field Unit (CFU)

The integration of field devices is no longer a time-consuming exercise: the new SIMATIC CFU (Compact Field Unit) makes it easier than ever before. This compact hardware innovation initializes connected field devices automatically and integrates them into the process control system. What used to take 30 minutes now takes less than one. That’s how Plug & Produce works. The SIMATIC CFU combines a digital fieldbus with traditional I/Os and is suitable for direct field use, through to Ex-Zone 2. This substantially reduces the footprint of the entire I/O system: Traditional control panels are a thing of the past, and significant savings can be made on cables and terminal points, as well as in design and documentation costs. The device also reduces the risk of errors in operation, makes plant expansions or modernizations easier, and cuts the costs of the hardware FAT.

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From a major all-rounder to compact specialist: SIMATIC ET 200SP HA

In any facility, space comes at a premium. And at a cost. Our response is the SIMATIC ET 200SP HA. The compact, modular periphery creates space in the control panel, providing advantages for system designers and operators. Its highly scalable structure makes it possible to precisely align expansions in the control panel with actual needs. And tool-free connection using push-in terminals and fixed wiring cuts the costs of engineering, assembly and wiring. The SIMATIC ET 200SP HA reduces the footprint of the entire system, saving costs in terms of space, air conditioning, power requirements, etc., for the I/Os in the control panel. Its expanded temperature range (from -40°C to +70°C) and Conformal Coating makes the SIMATIC ET 200SP HA ideally suited for field use. Further advantages include Change in Run thanks to a redundant layout, and a greater number of modules on the head station, increased from 12 to 56.

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Further products

Well thought out down to the details

In addition to the highlights – PROFINET, SIMATIC CFU and SIMATIC ET 200SP HA – the latest version of our process control system comes with a whole range of innovations that also play their part in increasing process automation efficiency.
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Optimized process with a systematic approach

All around the world, innumerable companies in every industry rely on SIMATIC PCS 7 to systematically optimize their processes.