The Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC PCS neo distributed control systems have a shared hardware platform

SIMATIC hardware for distributed control systems

Discover the shared hardware platform for SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC PCS neo
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Flexible, robust hardware platform for maximum availability both now and in the future

The shared distributed control system (DCS) hardware platform for our SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC PCS neo distributed control systems ensures that you always have the right solution with the highest availability for your application range. The innovative and robust hardware offers maximum flexibility, reliability, and efficiency. With SIMATIC hardware for distributed control systems, you can count on your plants operating reliably over decades and on always being able to effectively implement modernizations or expansions. This makes it possible to sustainably improve existing processes and implement new ideas – both now and in the future.

SIMATIC S7-400 and distributed process I/O also allow you to take advantage of traditional SIMATIC STEP 7 or TIA Portal applications.

Process control 4.0

Future-ready hardware platform for distributed control systems

SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC PCS neo use the same application architecture and the same hardware portfolio. This is Siemens’ way of upholding traditions while applying all its innovative strength and taking important requirements into account – protecting existing expertise and investments for the future.
With our SIMATIC hardware for the process industries, we rely not only on continuing innovation and compatibility, but also and above all on sustainable service and support. This assures you of being able to operate your plants reliably over decades, particularly when it comes to modernization and expansion projects!
Hartmut Klocker, Segment Lead Automation and Engineering Systems, Siemens AG

Explore the hardware portfolio for process control technology

Our process automation offering includes controllers, distributed I/O, and industrial communication, all of which are fully scalable, highly available, extremely robust, flexibly usable, powerful, and future-ready. The modular system hardware is the basis for a tailored system that can easily be adapted to your individual requirements.
The right automation hardware for every task in the process industries

Automation systems

Efficient automation systems for the process industries

The flexibly configurable SIMATIC S7-400 automation systems from Siemens offer the right hardware for every task, which makes them ideal for complex applications in the process industries. Depending on your requirements, you’ll find fail-safe, and extremely powerful controllers as well as components for tasks where especially harsh environmental conditions call for robustness.

A wide range of peripheral devices for automation in the process industries

Distributed process I/O

Strong and compact distributed process I/O

Whether compact or modular, purely digital I/O interfaces or completely distributed systems that include integrated drive technology, whether installed in the control cabinet or directly in a harsh industrial environment, the SIMATIC ET 200 product family permits powerful and distributed applications and is fully compatible with SIMATIC and SITRANS field devices and fieldbus solutions.

PROFINET enables real-time communication in the process industries

Industrial communication

Reliable and secure networking of plants with our distributed control systems

Today’s communication solutions in the process industries have to handle data transfer in real time, communication in hazardous areas, widely distributed plants, and much more. Our SIMATIC PCS neo and SIMATIC PCS 7 distributed control systems support established international communication standards and are fully reliant on PROFINET, the world’s leading Industrial Ethernet standard for real-time communication.

PC-based systems and client/server solutions

SIMATIC PC-based products are available in various configurations and performance ranges as rack and box PCs. Thanks to their scalability and device versions for special environmental conditions, they can easily be integrated in new and existing automation concepts. SIMATIC PC-based products offer you a flexible and innovative platform with long-term availability for applications and solutions that go beyond the functions of a traditional controller.

Service and support

Service and support throughout the entire lifecycle of your plant

We make your introduction to the world of process control technology easier with SIMATIC PCS neo and SIMATIC PCS 7. Our service and support experts are there when you need them to offer you help and advice. For more in-depth information, we also provide numerous downloads.
Download catalogs for SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC PCS neo

Catalogs for process automation

Get detailed information on the components of our hardware platform for SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC PCS neo. Catalogs in various languages are available for downloading.


The direct path to a SIMATIC distributed control system

You can order directly from our hardware portfolio for process control technology at the Siemens Industry Mall. Or get in direct touch with a contact near you to obtain more information and advice.
Order hardware for SIMATIC PCS 7 directly from the Siemens Industry Mall

Hardware for SIMATIC PCS 7

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You can order hardware for the SIMATIC PCS neo process control system from the Siemens Industry Mall

Hardware for SIMATIC PCS neo

Select and order suitable hardware for SIMATIC PCS neo directly from the Industry Mall

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