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SIMATIC PCS neo: Completely web-based process control system

Control technology is a key lever for gaining a competitive edge in the process industry – and all the more so if it can meet the tremendous challenges of both today and tomorrow. If it's been completely rethought. Like SIMATIC PCS neo, the innovative ground-breaking process control system by Siemens. THINK neo.
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The new process control system for today and tomorrow - SIMATIC PCS neo

The process industry currently operates in a very complex environment, and the requirements for its control technology are correspondingly demanding. SIMATIC PCS neo is the intelligent response to this challenge: a fully web-based process control system with object-oriented data management.

Web-based for outstanding usability and efficiency

Are you seeking a way to more efficiently control your global engineering projects and the operation of your plants? No matter the location? And no matter what device you are using? 

SIMATIC PCS neo creates the ideal conditions for doing this. With a central, object-oriented data management, this web-based innovation ensures that all participants always have direct access to consistent, reliable information so they can make the right decisions as quickly as possible. During development, we also focused on usability as well as on lean, secure and reliable administration. 

Future of process automation

neo digitalization: Paving the way to Process Industry 4.0

In times when digitalization is rapidly spreading, those who cling to the status quo are losing out on tremendous potential for improving their own competitiveness. With SIMATIC PCS neo, companies are taking a major step toward the digital transformation which is crucial to future success.

THINK neo – a new world of process control

Be ready for the future already today: A future in which new opportunities are created through holistic efficiency gains. A future in which users in the process industries will enjoy intuitive usability. A future in which web-based collaboration is redefined. Experience what it means to rethink process control. Discover SIMATIC PCS neo.

Find out what makes our web-based process control innovation so unique

Discover SIMATIC PCS neo

Future-oriented process control based on proven hardware

With SIMATIC PCS neo, Siemens is presenting a groundbreaking system software. For companies in the process industries, it opens up entirely new possibilities in the age of digitalization – such as global web-based collaboration in engineering and operations. The new system uses the recently innovated hardware portfolio and the application architecture of the comprehensive, high-performance SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.0 process control system. For its customers, Siemens thus optimally balances protection of investments and expertise with the advantages of the new system. 


You’ll find out about this and much more in the interview conducted by Eckard Eberle (CEO of Processing Automation) with product manager Marco Nehmiz.  


SIMATIC PCS neo – highlights at the fairs

Our experts showed you how SIMATIC PCS neo opens up a new world of process control with outstanding usability and efficiency.

The innovative hardware basis for the process industry 4.0: SIMATIC PCS 7 version 9 

The proven and powerful SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system opens up new perspectives for a digital future through the innovative hardware platform of version 9.

SIMATIC PCS 7 Version 9 and SIMATIC PCS neo use the same application architecture and hardware portfolio. In this way, Siemens continues its traditions with all its innovative strength and takes important requirements into account: Securing existing know-how and investments that have already been made for the future.

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Future issues for the process industry

Here we offer you interesting news from the world of process automation. As your partner on the path to digitalization in the process industry, we provide new perspectives on how you can meet growing requirements for security, availability, scalability, and flexibility – and how you can take advantage of the digital transformation to become more efficient and competitive.

Future-oriented process control in use today

Find out how companies from a wide variety of industries are relying on the new technologies of the distributed control system SIMATIC PCS neo to optimize their processes.

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This is process control today. And tomorrow - Learn about the enormous potential of SIMATIC PCS neo, and how you can use Siemens process control to lay the foundation for your lasting success.