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Totally Integrated Automation in the Digital Enterprise

Digitalization is changing our world – and the production methods used by state-of-the-art manufacturing companies to ensure their long-term competitiveness. Customer requests are becoming more and more individualized. To be able to respond appropriately, plant operators have to shorten their time-to-market and become more efficient and flexible, while maintaining or even improving their quality. It’s no longer enough just to optimize the automation processes: digitalization offers real potential throughout the entire value chain.  Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) already offers everything needed to turn the benefits of digitalization into genuine added value. This is where the data is generated from a common base to form the digital twin. Enhanced with new discoveries, the data is fed back again into the automation level to ensure continuous optimization of production – all to ensure your competitive edge.

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Driving the Digital Enterprise with Totally Integrated Automation

The Digital Enterprise Suite enables manufacturing companies to streamline and digitalize their entire business process, seamlessly integrating suppliers into the mix. They can begin at any point of their value chain, from product design to service, and can extend digitalization gradually, depending on their current needs.

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Added value with TIA

TIA creates added value, in all automation tasks

Totally Integrated Automation, industrial automation from Siemens, is the name given to efficient interoperability of all automation components. The open system architecture covers the entire production process and is based on the consistent presence of shared characteristics: consistent data management, global standards, and uniform hardware and software interfaces. These shared characteristics minimize engineering time. The result: lower costs, reduced time to market, and greater flexibility.
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