Advanced building management solutions

Siemens is a major provider of innovative smart building solutions, from stand-alone to integrated solutions across all building disciplines. Our BMS capabilities include technology manufacture, design, installation, integration, commissioning and lifecycle support, and we employ an extensive product research and development team to ensure our building management portfolio remains leading-edge to support the growing demands of our customer base.

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Key facts on energy wastage in buildings

  • At 40%, buildings are responsible for the world’s largest share of energy consumption
  • HVAC systems typically consume around 70% of a base building’s energy usage
  • 30% of energy in buildings is estimated to be used inefficiently or unnecessarily


We work with public and commercial establishments to increase the value and competitiveness of their buildings and infrastructures. With measures to improve performance, we help our customers to maximise the efficiency of their buildings and lower operating costs whilst reducing their environmental impact. 

Creating energy efficiencies in buildings

Long term value with Siemens BMS

Our building management technologies will deliver interoperability across your building systems and act as a single point of control, resulting in efficiencies in your mechanical and electrical systems. A fully automated environment and centralised situational awareness will improve occupant wellbeing, optimise productivity and assist you in working smarter.  

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What your Siemens BMS will deliver

Stay informed and in control with Desigo CC

Increased energy savings and improved climate control 

Desigo CC helps reduce the cost of energy consumption and your CO2 emissions through significant energy savings, while offering a healthier room climate and higher user satisfaction.

Desigo - state-of-the-art building automation

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Efficiency, value and comfort

A platform that grows with your needs

Desigo CC is designed to help you manage and adapt to changing requirements, you can customise the interface to show the details you need about a building system, a zone or equipment. The platform can also develop in line with your business needs, in project size and functionality as well as number of disciplines. It provides multiple interfaces per system, and increased flexibility for users via mobile applications, PC or Web.

Beyond BMS with future integrations

As the market moves towards greater system interoperability, the Desigo CC management platform has been designed to manage and integrate other building disciplines.


Importantly it is open to interact with most systems on the market, enabling you to further integrate additional subsystems to create a more automated and effective workspace, facilitating proactive, rather than reactive, decision-making.


Unified workflows for multiple building disciplines not only mean optimised training costs, but also substantially reduced infrastructure, such as servers and networks, as well as lower operating costs.

  • Enterprise view of all site activities will deliver immediate situational awareness
  • An automated workflow will prioritise the importance of incidents from multiple sources and devices and alert operatives
  • Rule-based response to events and incidents will strengthen control of site operations, maximise available manpower resource and ensure the right procedures are adhered to
  • Systematic approach to site-wide climate control will improve energy efficiency
  • Accurate, up-to-date information on status of installed devices will assist in efficient maintenance of building systems and technologies
  • Data from multiple sources can be displayed in consolidated report formats and will enable users to identify and visualise trends in operational performance

A cyber safe platform

At Siemens, we believe security begins during product development. We’ve adopted a ‘Think Security’ philosophy in the development of our Desigo CC family of building management products, solutions and services.


Our commitment is multi-faceted. First and foremost is ‘Security by Design’, our end-to-end approach to product development that builds in security from the beginning. It includes an ongoing cycle of testing, enhancements, and evolution to keep our products and solutions at the forefront. In addition, we are a founding member of the global Charter of Trust, which calls for binding rules and standards in cybersecurity.


Throughout the lifecycle of the product, our experts perform security threat and risk assessments in order to address expected risk in the intended application of use. In addition, regular product security testing is conducted by external experts who use manual penetration tests alone or in combination with automated machine security testing.

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For sustainable solutions, come direct to Siemens

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