Desigo – the state-of-the-art building automation system

One system for all requirements of an intelligent building

One system for all requirements of an intelligent building

Buildings… the places where we work, succeed and spend most of our lives.    In an increasingly digitalized world, buildings must adapt to the rapidly changing technologies and expectations. The Desigo Building Automation System from Siemens, provides a wealth of flexible alternatives. Desigo, with its decades of patented technology, benefits millions of building owners and users worldwide. From creating the most healthy and productive spaces, to setting the benchmark in building efficiency, Desigo provides unique answers. No matter where you use Desigo, in primary plant, room or building management, you will always turn your premises into perfect places.

Desigo – one system for all building needs

Future-proof with flexible extension and system openness

People's lifestyles are changing, their ways of working are changing and, therefore, demands are changing as well. Building designs need to be adapted.  Only a highly flexible and scalable building automation system can satisfy these continually changing requirements. Desigo's unique open and modular solution covers all these needs and ensures increased productivity, health and happiness besides keeping users safe and secure.
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Desigo – the most comprehensive building automation system – is continually being refined. One single intuitive platform can be used to easily control, regulate, and optimize heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and shading, energy management, fire safety, and security systems, including access control, video surveillance, and intrusion protection. That pays off with the following compelling benefits:

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