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The integrated building management platform

The open building management platform has been developed to create comfortable, safe and efficient facilities. Desigo CC covers the complete scope from simple single-discipline systems to fully integrated buildings. Easy to engineer and operate, state of the art in technology and functionality, Desigo CC sets industry standards. 

Desigo CC Family

Building management for every stage of life

Desigo CC is a building management platform tailored to various market and application needs.  
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State-of-the-art platform

Strong data integration, operating and monitoring framework
Desigo CC disciplines

We help you manage your disciplines

Desigo CC is fully modular, scalable and extendable over time so it always meets your system requirements.

Desigo CC in action

Desigo CC delivers top notch energy and resource efficiency while maintaining highest building comfort standards. Find out how easy and intuitive building management can be.

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Desigo CC Application and Integration Center

Development driven by customer demand

The Desigo CC Application and Integration Center develops extensions and provides support based on special requirements.

Thanks to decades of experience, our team of programmers and engineers is able to create tailored solutions while maintaining highest quality standards. Whether in the planning phase of the building or during operations, the Application and Integration Center can assist you.

In addition, support services are offered to OEMs. 

Desigo CC OEM Edition

Your own customized branded solution

CC OEM edition is a special offering created for original equipment manufacturers.

Desigo CC OEM edition is a special offering created for original equipment manufacturers, which want to market a building management software product under their own brand, tailored to their customers' needs – all in line with low investments in development and fast time to market.

Unlike other integration platforms, this customizable software provides extensive coverage of building applications, consistent workflows and a unique user interface.

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Desigo CC in real-life facilities

Take a closer look at some of the projects that were implemented with Desigo CC.
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