Enhanced comfort and higher productivity with Desigo room automation

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The perfect answer for any type of room and building needs

Desigo™ room automation is the unique solution to link all room disciplines. It guarantees ideal settings for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and shading, thus optimizing comfort as well as productivity in each individual room.  At the same time, Desigo room automation can easily be adapted to satisfy any type of room needs, today and in the future, covering the entire scope from single disciplines to completely integrated buildings. In addition, Desigo room automation employs unique algorithms that help you combine optimal comfort and energy efficiency, plus lowest investment and maintenance costs.

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Building technology can support companies in taking measures to protect employees, customers and partners. Our COVID-19 recommendations provide information on concrete measures.


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Comfy empowers employees with personal control, while delivering operational results for workplace teams. Its modular design delivers a premium user experience and feature flexibility to meet workplace-specific needs. With a wide range of available features and seamless integration into third party apps and systems, Comfy provides a unified, global employee experience.

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Desigo room automation

All room disciplines under control with Desigo

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and shading have a vital impact on the building, creating perfect conditions for room users, increasing productivity and lowering energy costs.

Rooms and the comfort of their users are our passion

We spend about 90 percent of our lives indoors. Our comfort, and even our productivity, depend on the features of the buildings and their ability to control indoor air quality, cooling, heating, and lighting. Despite an ever-increasing focus on energy efficiency, our quality of life and our performance are connected to the comfort by the places that surround us. Desigo room automation allows you to balance energy efficiency and people’s productivity in a room. Productivity can be greatly influenced through personalized comfort conditions.

Unique and powerful applications

Discover why Desigo room automation is the unique and most efficient solution for the room

Desigo room automation offers innovative applications to perfectly match the energy efficiency and comfort requirements of the room while increasing the productivity of the room users. You can increase your property’s performance and value while lowering operating costs.  Learn more about the unique way in which Desigo room automation uses innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption to the required level while meeting individual comfort requirements.
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Desigo room automation for manufacturing and laboratories

Room pressurization and fume hood control

Besides and beyond the management of room efficiency and comfort, Desigo’s portfolio also contains a range of dedicated, reliable air volume flow controllers and supplementary components for exceptional and special working environments.

Applications and locations

Highly specialized research and manufacturing spaces require dedicated, high-speed control solutions for room pressurization and fume hood control. These disciplines call for critical air management and demand-controlled ventilation. The new fume hood controller and its extra accessories are modular and designed to flexibly fit onto the fume hood furniture of any supplier. In addition, while the controller is designed to seemlessly integrate into a Desigo building management system, it also offers native BACnet communication, meaning that it is capable of being integrated into other BACnet systems.

Desigo room pressurization and fume hood control are specially designed for spaces in research facilities, in the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology, vivariums, high-technology manufacturing, investigation, universities and food and beverage manufactures. Room ventilation and general air extraction, laboratory fume hood air volume flow control and monitoring, plus room balancing and room pressurization control are the main applications of this sector of the Desigo room automation family.

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Room automation for special environments

Desigo room automation value calculator

Forecast your energy savings, CO2 reduction and cost benefits

By simply using your facility's information, the platform offers you a preview of room automation benefits.

The Desigo room automation value calculator gives a forecast of energy savings, CO2 reduction and costs benefits based on European measurement parameters.

By simply adding the following basic information, the application measures the estimated annual benefit based on the building's energy efficiency:

  1. Country where the building is located
  2. Type of building (office building, hotel, educational center, etc.)
  3. Number of employees
  4. Number of rooms

In addition, it can also measure the benefits and cost reduction based on the level of building efficiency and management expectations of the owner or tenant.


Desigo room automation − best practices

Siemens Desigo Room Automation solutions cover all type of room needs and demands. Our references talk for themselves.


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