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Building automation and control for small and medium-sized buildings

Synco is a building automation and control system for small and medium-size buildings. It offers all the products and tools for complete system solutions: Primary plant control Room automation (both HVAC and electrical)   Multi-site, remote operation and management Remote energy monitoring and billing The latter is enabled by connecting Synco IC with Siemens remote metering products and solutions.

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Synco 700 range

Synco 700 primary HVAC controllers

Fast installation and commissioning

Synco primary controllers offer preloaded applications covering 90% of all primary HVAC applications. This makes installation faster and easier as no programming is required. The complete Synco building automation and control system communicates over KNX in order to integrate HVAC primary plant, room HVAC and room electrical applications. The ACS software is used for engineering and commissioning.

HIT is a tool for fast and simple HVAC project planning, by relieving you of the time-consuming search for suitable products and applications. Using its library of preconfigured Synco HVAC applications, HIT generates a comprehensive specification, including plant diagram, list of material and technical documentation for each device as well as pricing.

Synco IC

Multi-site remote monitoring and operation

Synco IC enables easy and affordable remote, multi-site building operation and management via mobile app, tablet or laptop. Primary HVAC plant, room HVAC and room electrical applications are all connected via the OZW gateway. Energy monitoring and billing is now possible by integrating Siemens remote metering systems via an M-bus gateway.

For installers, Synco IC has been proven greatly to reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and enhance end customer satisfaction. The need for site travel is eliminated by connecting to experts from remote locations. This way, end customers receive immediate support and problem solving.

Room HVAC automation

Room HVAC automation

Integration of room automation over KNX

The KNX communicating thermostats offer powerful, yet cost-efficient room automation.

Increasingly, these communicating thermostats are offered for room automation in projects with Siemens Desigo controllers.

The option to integrate into building management systems, Desigo CC, Desigo Control Point or Synco IC enables remote operation and service.

  • Heating and/or cooling
  • Chilled/heated ceiling
  • Fan coils with KNX
  • Fan coils with Modbus
  • Variable air volume
Electrical application integration (KNX)

Room electrical automation

Electrical application integration (KNX)

The Gamma Instabus product range enables all room electrical applications to be integrated with Synco over KNX.  The most common applications are lighting and shading control.

NEW: energy monitoring and meter reading with Synco IC

Synco IC, Siemens pioneering cloud platform for multi-site building control and operation, now includes remote meter reading and energy monitoring. In addition to saving energy, remote data access allows facility managers to save site travel and people costs.

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