Smarter Protection Matters in fire safety

fire safety, smarter protection matters

We connect technologies purposefully to help you protect people and buildings, all-year-round, whilst sustaining undisturbed spaces. That's why Smarter Protection Matters. 

How Smarter Protection Matters

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Why Smarter Protection Matters in a hospital

Hospitals cannot evacuate their patients, therefore having the right fire safety solutions in place is crucial. Fire incidents need to be detected as early and reliably as possible so that they can be taken care of without disturbing patients and staff. That‘s why Smarter Protection Matters.


By eliminating false alarms with ASAtechnology and conducting regular device health checks with DFTtechnology, a hospital‘s operations are preserved; staff can focus on their work, and patients on healing, thus sustaining undisturbed spaces.


Cloud connectivity provides full transparency on the status of fire protection systems. By connecting technology with purpose, insightful data are generated, offering many benefits from resource optimization to predictive maintenance.​


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