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Fire risks are largely dependent on a building’s purpose and can vary greatly between rooms. We offer dedicated protection concepts for all environments typically found in corporate or public buildings. Discover our room-specific recommendations on fire safety system design. Which area(s) do you need to protect? Select the room description that matches your demand to access exclusive risk analyses and recommendations specifically for your needs, compiled by our global team of fire safety experts. Please note that while these documents have been created with specific commercially used buildings in mind, they can naturally be applied to different markets as well.

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Featured application

Fire protection in student accommodation: an interactive guide

Discover our recommendations on fire protection in student accommodation in our interactive guide.

Application Guide

360° view

Fire alarm scenario

During a rock concert a fire alarm is activated (in a technical room) in another part of the building. The video shows the main phases of the incident:

  1. The rock concert is in full swing

  2. An alarm is activated in another part of the building

    1. → The music stops and the lights go on

  3. An announcement is made via the public address and voice alarm system

    1. → The dancers evacuate the hall

  4. The fire brigade arrives to deal with the incident

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Market focus

Special offerings for your industry

To meet the demand of certain kinds of businesses, highly specialized fire safety systems are required. This is why we have developed dedicated solutions for some typical commercial and public applications, based on the types of rooms usually found in these environments. Visit the respective market page for more detailed information.


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