Fire detection

Siemens fire detection

Detection is key when protecting people and buildings all-year-round. Avoid false alarms thanks to ASA detectors which use Advanced Signal Analysis technology to detect fire sources early while distinguishing them from deceptive phenomena. Furthermore, detectors equipped with DFTtechnology conduct regular heath checks. Both technologies allow you to create and sustain undisturbed spaces.  

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Smart detection solutions for all buidling types

When it comes to detection, adaptability is key. Our comprehensive portfolio offers you the right detection solution no matter your building's requirements. Cutting-edge features like DFTtechnology and ASAtechnology help you create and sustain disturbance-free spaces even under the most challenging conditions.

The right detector for your requirements

Fire risks are largely dependent on a building’s purpose and can vary greatly between rooms. We offer dedicated protection concepts for all environments typically found in corporate or public buildings. Discover our room-specific recommendations on fire safety system design.

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Optimize detection with advanced technologies

Smarter Protection Matters in fire safety

We connect technologies purposefully to protect people and buildings, all-year-round, whilst sustaining undisturbed spaces. That's why Smarter Protection Matters. It is our commitment to safety, reliability and efficiency


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