Automatic fire detectors

Automatic detector

Our portfolio includes automatic detectors covering the whole spectrum from simple to highly complex signal analysis, for guaranteed fault-free detection under all circumstances. We offer the optimal detector for all environments (health, data center, commercial buildings, etc.), thanks to our intelligent ASA detector that exactly matches the conditions on site. 


Detectors for any requirement

Early and reliable detection with ASAtechnology

Sophisticated applications require exceptional technology – and that includes the field of fire detection. The unique ASAtechnology (ASA = advanced signal analysis) from Siemens allows you to optimally adapt the detector to the current environmental condition by simply choosing an application-specific ASA parameter set. ASAtechnology interprets and evaluates the signals in real time. This allows the detector to reliably distinguishing between a real fire and deceptive phenomena such as dust, steam or gas. It prevents false alarms and the resulting costly business interruptions. 

Reliable detection with DFTtechnology

Our IoT-enabled detectors conduct disturbance-free function tests on a regular basis for highly reliable, year-round protection and provide enriched data like danger level and soiling statistics, whilst sustaining undisturbed spaces.


This insightful data provides transparency and allows predictive maintenance. Furthermore, it enables undisturbed building operation and optimized uptime.


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