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Protecting what matters. Extinguish the fire to protect people and places.

Nowadays, everyone relies on having access to data, being connected and having continuous power. They are the backbone of modern life. And that’s exactly what our extinguishing solutions protect. Besides that they also protect irreplaceable assets such as ancient books, art work or documents. The extinguishing offering is part of our fire safety offering. It provides you with automated, intelligent and integrated fire protection for people, processes, assets and the environment.

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Natural gas extinguishing systems

Natural gas extinguishingsystems

Extinguishing systems with natural gases offer maximum flexibility in design and engineering.

Clean agent extinguishing systems

Clean agent extinguishingsystems

Extinguishing systems with clean agents are space-saving and assure fast extinguishing.

Gas/water-combined extinguishing systems

Gas/water-combined systems

Gas/water-combined extinguishing systems are a highly efficient combination of nitrogen and water extinguishing technology to ensure reliable extinguishing and avoid reignition.


There is only one chance to protect what matters.

In case of a fire, seconds count – earliest and reliable fire detection, leading people out of the danger zone and initiating extinguishing are of utmost importance. But it is not only essential to react quickly and efficiently, but also that any damage to costly and sensitive equipment can be kept to a minimum. For that it is essential to have a reliable solution tailored to the individual requirements.

Protecting the backbone of modern society – power, data, connectivity and even the irreplaceable – is what matters.

Whether your company is small or large, it’s crucial to keep people, mission critical areas, business processes as well as high-value and irreplaceable assets safe. Because when you feel protected you can concentrate on your tasks, be creative, be productive and successful. With Siemens, you get advanced, easy to install extinguishing solutions – fully integrated into a complete fire protection concept. They are based on decades of know-how and experience and are tailored to the specific risks of fire and challenges.

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Intelligent extinguishing to protect what really matters to you and your business.

Integrated solutions

Sinorix - intelligent extinguishing

Our extinguishing offering is based on almost 110 years in extinguishing and more than 170 years in fire safety. To make sure that the solutions exactly fit your needs, they can be tailored to specific applications, risks of fire as well as local requirements and regulations. The advanced systems can be seamlessly integrated into the fire safety solutions. As the systems are designed for easy installation and operation, you can rest assured that people, assets, processes and the environment are safe.   Intelligent means:
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