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Extinguishing with natural agents – Fire protection with environmental care

Selecting sustainable products that protect the environment is a vital concern for all of us. Sinorix solutions extinguish fires almost immediately, minimizing any potential damage. Sinorix uses a range of naturally occurring inert extinguishing agents that are environmentally friendly, offer outstanding extinguishing properties against all types of fires and do not leave any residue behind when activated.

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Why natural extinguishing agents?

Protect your business and the environment

Versatile, sustainable and economic

Sinorix NXN exclusively uses the three natural extinguishing agents Argon, Nitrogen and CO2. Thanks to their versatility, natural agents provide great flexibility when tailoring a solution to the respective needs of your special applications. In addition of being non-polluting and compliant to environmental regulations, these agents are widely available, making the refilling of cylinders easy and economic.

Sinorix NXN – Simplicity combined with clever technology


Your benefits at a glance

Small ecological footprint


Natural extinguishing agents feature zero ozone depleting potential, so they are not subject to restrictions of so-called "greenhouse gases" imposed by the Kyoto Protocol. Unlike other extinguishing agents, they do not leave any residue after discharge. So business operation can be resumed quickly without having to worry about clean-up or disposal.

Early planning and design support

Siemens supports you along the entire lifecycle of your extinguishing system. Especially planning and designing an extinguishing system requires considerable expertise. We assist you with the latest digital planning and design tools, including specification texts, BIM data, online product selection, configuration and ordering and online calculation tools.

Increased installation and maintenance efficiency

Sinorix NXN features a set of newly designed system components, which deliver new features as well as time- and cost-saving potential.

By providing a simplified assembly process, with fewer components and easy hand-assembly, Sinorix NXN reduces installation effort. In addition, on-site pressure testing is no longer needed and changing cylinders is more efficient, as the pilot line remains intact during maintenance work.

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The heart of Sinorix NXN

Key components for natural extinguishing

Your requirements – our solutions

Each project has individual requirements

Sinorix NXN addresses a range of typical applications, where natural agents are the optimal choice. In pure form or mixed compounds, natural extinguishing agents provide you with outstanding features against a wide variety of fire hazards.

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