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Cerberus PRO is an open protocol fire protection system available through a nationwide network of approved fire alarm system partners. Cerberus PRO provides a powerful, comprehensive, false alarm free solution for your fire protection needs. We connect technologies purposefully to help you protect people and buildings, all-year-round, whilst sustaining undisturbed spaces. That's why Smarter Protection Matters.




Guarantee against false alarms

Cerberus PRO includes Siemens patented ASA (Advanced Signal Analysis) detectors giving unparalleled detection response and false alarm immunity.


This technology enables our partners to install smoke detection in areas where thermal detection would normally be necessary. At the same time false alarms can be eliminated – guaranteed. Download our CAM (Cerberus Application Manager) to see how best to cover your application and avoid those costly false alarms.

Would you like to know more about ASAtechnology? Download our whitepaper.

ASAtechnology whitepaper

Route to market & partners

Cerberus PRO is sold via a network of trained and approved fire alarm system companies. The network provides national coverage and ensures that end customers have access to a wide choice of service providers.


Our partners are specialist fire alarm installers and provide industry leading system design, installation, service & maintenance. All our partners are third-party approved and fully trained to maximise the benefits of Cerberus PRO.


A full list of our partners can be found here.

Siemens Financial Services

Cerberus PRO & our partners are supported by Siemens Financial Services allowing you to spread the costs of a system over time. So, if you want to solve your false alarm issue or simply need to bring your system into line with the latest regulations we can reduce your upfront outlay by converting into manageable monthly payments. 

The Cerberus range

Open protocol with no false alarms

A protocol is a language which allows communication between different devices. In a fire alarm system the detectors, sounders, call points, control modules etc will need to communicate to the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) using the same protocol. In larger systems it might be required to connect multiple panels together to form a single large network, again using a defined protocol. In essence a protocol is the language spoken by the system.  

Once a fire alarm system has been installed the field devices selected dictate that any additional or replacement devices must use the same protocol (speak the same language). It is not possible to connect devices from other manufacturers on the same addressable loop, therefore the protocols used for fire alarm field devices are not truly open.


Similarly once a control panel manufacturer has been chosen for a networked system the client is limited to that choice of manufacturer.

Customers are of course free to choose any protocol for their fire alarm system. However once the choice has been made they are locked into the performance of the fire alarm system using that protocol.


Fire system performance differs widely from manufacturer to manufacturer and for real freedom users should satisfy themselves that the system offered meets all their needs now and in the future. Factors such as system reliability, flexibility, lifetime cost and freedom from nuisance alarm issues need to be considered carefully.

Cerberus PRO is a comprehensive EN54-13 approved fire alarm system available through a network of trained professional fire alarm system providers.


The unique performance of the Cerberus PRO system can be fully integrated with other building systems such as BMS, CCTV & access control using BAC-NET. This fully open protocol enables these different systems to be integrated seemlessly providing significant cost savings both in installation (CAPEX) and operation (OPEX).


Cerberus PRO offers industry leading levels of system reliability including false alarm free ASA technology.

BS5839-1 Clause 45.1 states that "servicing needs to be carried out by a competent person with specialist knowledge of fire detection and fire alarm systems, including knowledge of the causes of false alarms, sufficient information regarding the system, and adequate access to spares".


BS5839-1 Clause 3.12 defines a competent person as being a "person with the relevant current training and experience, and with access to the requisite tools, equipment and information, and capable of carrying out a defined task".


End users need to satisfy themselves that their service provider meets the criteria above. These criteria may be met by the end users own internal organization or by companies that are not certified CerberusPRO partners however to support end user choice a list of trained Cerberus PRO partners can be found here.


Cerberus PRO partners have 3rd party accreditation e.g. BAFE, LPS1014 and are fully trained on the Cerberus PRO system. The Cerberus PRO partner network offers nationwide geographical coverage, competitive tendering and local support.

How Smarter Protection Matters

Protect smartly with groundbreaking solutions

Why Smarter Protection Matters in a hospital

Hospitals cannot evacuate their patients, therefore having the right fire safety solutions in place is crucial. Fire incidents need to be detected as early and reliably as possible so that they can be taken care of without disturbing patients and staff. That‘s why Smarter Protection Matters.


By eliminating false alarms with ASAtechnology and conducting regular device health checks with DFTtechnology, a hospital‘s operations are preserved; staff can focus on their work, and patients on healing, thus sustaining undisturbed spaces.


Cloud connectivity provides full transparency on the status of fire protection systems. By connecting technology with purpose, insightful data are generated, offering many benefits from resource optimization to predictive maintenance.​


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