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Fire alarm systems save lives, protect your business, your reputation and property. The Sinteso fire safety range is designed to operate in demanding environmental conditions where immediate and accurate fire detection is vital to life safety and business continuity. We offer the highest level of protection against all types of fire hazards, utilising innovative technologies, devices, software and services.

Sinteso is unique in the fire industry... not only is every detector a smart detector, but Smart Test takes it to another level

Siemens' Sinteso fire alarm system features advanced intelligence; it is constantly alert, evaluating each situation minute by minute and taking decisions on complex criteria to ensure a safe environment.

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A fire industry milestone

Sinteso is not just a smart fire safety system, it also offers innovative smart testing to ensure detectors remain operational throughout the test process, meaning no loss of coverage. This is a significant advantage over conventional technologies that effectively require a zone or line of devices to become inoperable during the test process.  

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Unique Sinteso Smart Test

Smart Test enables all systems to be tested without losing any coverage, even during normal working hours, and without causing costly unwanted evacuations. The outcome means business continuity is ensured, fire safety performance is maintained, and engineering resources are utilised more efficiently.
Desigo CC

Fast and efficient response to life safety events

The Desigo CC platform is highly scalable, offering software that will control small to medium installations, right through to the most complex fire safety systems. It delivers a single point of entry for users to operate, monitor and optimise their fire safety system. You will benefit from major advances in fire safety software development and gain from greater cyber protection.

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Protecting lives, assets, business continuity

From safeguarding employees and the business, fully utilising the building, maximising operational efficiency, ensuring system integrity, to fulfilling legal requirements to comply with standards and regulations, a wide range of needs must be fulfilled. Protection gives you certainty. Protecting you from fire and much more. Because when you feel protected you can concentrate on your task, be creative, be productive and successful. Knowing that lives, assets, and business continuity are taken care of should a fire incident occur.

Sinteso in action

Sinteso planning support

With its planning tools, Sinteso facilitates fire safety planning. The planning tools are particularly for engineers, planners, and installers. They show all network participants, explain important technical features, and display all networking possibilities – for easy fire safety planning.



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