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OpenAir™ is a comprehensive portfolio of damper actuators with a wide selection of positioning forces, control signals, communications standards and add-on options that can be tailored to your HVAC requirements. Designed for durability and efficiency, the OpenAir actuators come with low-consumption motors, and quick, precise function control. The result? Long lifecycles, noticeably low energy consumption, and durability during transportation, on the construction site, and in operation.

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Damper actuator family for HVAC applications

Damper actuators for HVAC applications

Save time and costs with OpenAir

  • 2 to 35 Nm, 125 to 250 N; 2 to 150 s
  • Low energy consumption with price, high-efficiency motors
  • Reduced installation time with self-centering shaft adapters
  • Easily wired with error-free wiring guide
  • Durable housing ensures long life-cycles
  • Worldwide applications: UL approved and CE compliant
Damper actuator family for air volume control

Damper actuators for air volume control

OpenAir: More possiblities, more convenience

  • 5 and 10 Nm; 150 s
  • Easily matched to VAV boxes
  • Simplified service with integrated damper position feedback
  • Precise, location-independent temperature measurement
  • Flexible systems integration utilizing common communication standards
  • Durable construction for long-term stability without aging or temperature drift
  • Ultra low-noise motors for maximum comfort
  • Usable worldwide thanks to UL approval and CE conformity
Damper actuator family for fire and smoke protection dampers

Damper actuators for fire and smoke protection dampers

Maximize safety with OpenAir

  • 4, 9/7 and 18 Nm; 90 s; spring return 15 s; thermal fuse for 72°C or 95°C
  • Enhanced safety with two integrated auxiliary switches for precise damper position feedback
  • High reliability with consistent torque levels for opening and closing
  • Flexible use with thermal fuse for two temperatures
  • Fast, easy, and safe to install with self-centering shaft adapters
Healthy indoor climate

Creating healthy indoor climate

We spend 90% of our lives in buildings. Building automation plays a vital role:

  • Staying safe & healthy
  • Reducing absenteeism
  • Increasing productivity
Benefit with OpenAir

A portfolio for all your needs

Energy-efficient, simple to use, and reliable: Ease of use is at the heart of the entire damper actuator portfolio, from smooth installation and rapid commissioning to operation that is both efficient and convenient. You can save time and costs by using the standardized wiring plan, and self-centering shaft adapters. Simply choose from four housing sizes that were built for even the most challenging HVAC applications.

OpenAir damper actuators are easily tailored to your requirements. Siemens offers durable damper actuators for any application: comfort ventilation, variable air volume, fire and smoke protection dampers, railway vehicles and other special applications. You have the choice between a large selection of positioning forces, communication busses and control signals. Siemens extensively tests all damper actuators and provides an incredibly robust housing which enables lifecycles of more than 100'000 full and 5 million partial cycles. Installation is made simple and error free thanks to prewired actuators, color- and number-coded cables, a uniform unit mounting concept, as well as single-screw shaft mounting. Finally, energy consumption and comfort are dramatically improved thanks to efficient high-precision motors, low-noise brushless motors, and the rapid implementation of commands from the building automation systems.

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Configure actuators to meet your requirements

Customize your damper actuator with your desired features online using the product configurator in the Siemens Industry Mall. Customization options include labeling, company logo placement, cable type, cable length, connector types, and custom tags. Siemens will provide all required certificates with each purchase, and offers single or multi-product packaging. For support with any additional product requirements or for placing a large order, please contact your Siemens product specialist.

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