HVAC controls and systems for OEMs

OEM applications for efficient HVAC plants

Tailored solutions developed in cooperation with our customers

Our business model focuses on your requirements: partnership from first concept to final solution, thus ensuring competitive advantages. Also, partnering with other Siemens companies allows technological know-how to be applied to new product developments. Smart Infrastructure from Siemens offers customized concepts, products and system solutions for air conditioning, refrigeration, heating boilers, burners, district heating and alternative forms of energy. Specializing in electronics, mechanics and mechatronics, we provide turn-key solutions for OEMs (original equipment manufactuers): customized controllers, variable speed drives and state-of-the-art communications technology. Decades of experience and know-how translate into innovative development practices, strong, reliable product development partnerships, heating and cooling systems based on energy-saving technologies and optimum systems for demand-related solutions. 

Application and solution portfolio

Solutions for OEMs for their heat pumps, burners, heating systems – from intelligent controllers and operating units to actuators, valves, sensors and detectors

Heating and combustion

Heating and combustion

You can rely on Siemens’ experience and technological know-how for innovative controls and components that can be customized to meet your requirements. For decades, we’ve partnered with OEMs to develop flexible solutions for their heat pumps, burners, boilers and components for heating systems. Our product portfolio is comprehensive – from intelligent controllers and operating units to actuators, valves, sensors and detectors. Well known for flexibility, easy integration and long-term reliability, our offerings can be scaled for installations of all sizes. And in today’s world where energy efficiency and low-emission standards are of utmost importance, our solutions will help your customers meet their sustainability goals.

controls, valve and damper actuators, valves and sensors for OEMs – from residential heat recovery ventilation up to large commercial chillers

Cooling and ventilation

Cooling and ventilation

You’ll be ahead of the competition with cooling and ventilation solutions from Siemens. Our comprehensive portfolio includes market-leading controls, valve and damper actuators, valves and sensors. Climatix is the smart system OEMs turn to for reliable and flexible control. Thanks to its unparalleled scalability, Climatix can cover all types of application from residential heat recovery ventilation up to large commercial chillers. OpenAir damper actuators are the proven OEM choice for AHUs roof tops. Our pressure-independent control valves combine the function of control valve, adjustable flow limiter and automatic pressure regulator into a single device. You can rely on our sensors to ensure a healthy and productive indoor environment. Whatever your needs, we partner with you to help meet efficiency and cost effectiveness goals for both you and your customers.

Product portfolio

Thanks to Climatix IC and our successful partnership with Siemens, we can carry out demanding projects and take a major step toward sustainability.
Mattias Sjöberg, CEO – IV Produkt

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