Climatix HVAC applications for OEMs

Climatix – tailored to HVAC applications and OEM needs

Climatix offers a complete range of flexible and scalable control solutions – from standardized to freely programmable. The product range has been designed for any type of OEM heating, ventilation and air conditioning application. The controllers are suited for use with chillers, heat pumps, air handling units, roof tops, high precision air conditioning units and district heating or cooling substations. They operate reliably under extreme temperature conditions from −40 to 70 °C (−40 to 158 °F). A broad range of I/O extension modules, communication and user interfaces complement the versatile product portfolio.

Climatix C600

Climatix C600, the next generation - realize your innovation

Climatix offers a complete range of flexible and scalable control solutions. The controllers have been designed to meet the requirements of OEMs. The latest generation C600 excels in extensive connectivity. The products are capable of communicating with all commonly used BACS.

Climatix information

Controllers based on vast experience

Climatix controllers are based on in-depth application expertise and Siemens’ decades of experience in manufacturing HVAC controls. Siemens is a preferred controls supplier for leading OEMs throughout the world, thanks to solid working methods, quality and reliability of products, customer approach, and business processes which have been matched to the specific needs of the OEM market.

Comprehensive portfolio meeting all requirements

Climatix offers a unique product range concept with proven applications in the form of 3 different controller families. The flexible and scalable design allows the selection of optimum solutions for customers’ specific needs. The product range includes standard controllers for basic, cost-optimized HVAC applications. Controllers of modular design with unique technology are available for more demanding applications, where maximum flexibility with regard to extensions and communication is a requirement. System adaptations can be easily made with no need to modify the control panel – neither mechanically nor electrically. Climatix enables customers to save time and costs when it comes to installation, engineering, commissioning and servicing.

Your benefits

  • OEMs develop their own HVAC applications to protect their know-how
  • Dedicated engineering tools support standard HVAC functions
  • Standard application libraries minimize engineering effort for air handling units, chillers and heat pumps
  • Scalable product range for any type of application
  • Range includes standard HVAC functions and features
  • Flexible I/O mix controller thanks to universal I/O and proprietary ASICs
  • System adaptations can be made with no need for redesigning the control panel
  • Thanks to embedded communication ports with different protocols
  • Direct and cost-efficient integration of HVAC equipment into BACS
  • Remote access and servicing at any time and any location thanks to Climatix IC
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