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Creating Smart, Perfect Places

Take a bite of some tasty finance to improve, upgrade and create smart spaces

When your focus is to demonstrate an image of excellence and attract and retain talented staff and students, you need a learning community that inspires. The campus of tomorrow is digital, agile and flexible – just like our finance. With a range of products and solutions to help you make your buildings and campus smart, we’re here to tackle your fears and help you tuck in to the campus of tomorrow…

Smart start for Smart Buildings

What is the potential for “self-financing” smart-building conversion? Using private sector finance solutions, building owners can harness savings gained from smart upgrades and deploy these savings to faciliate self-financing style investment. Read more in our whitepaper!

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University Partnerships in action!

Triangulum: Battery storage at Manchester Met

Siemens has been working with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) on its onsite energy system and have installed a Lithium-ion battery to integrate with current onsite generation. Primarily charged at night-time from the grid supply, the 400kWh Lithium-ion battery storage works with the 375kWh Combined Heat and Power generation, the 157kWh solar panels to supply to provide the Birley Campus with cheaper, greener power.

Building the future of energy with Keele University

We've partnered with Keele University to turn the campus into Europe’s biggest smart energy network demonstrator, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and improve security of supply to the campus. The SEND microgrid will be a ‘living laboratory’ for research into low carbon energy systems and development of new smart energy technologies and services for university students, business and industry.


The MindSphere Innovation Network (MINe)

The MindSphere Innovation Network (MINe) aims to connect estate and research assets from Universities throughout the UK and across the globe, into our innovative Internet of Things platform (IoT); MindSphere. 

Siemens PLM Academic Partner Programme

The academic partner ecosystem empowers more than one million future engineers and technologists at academic institutions worldwide to provide a strong pipeline of talent to over 140,000 commercial customers.

On-site energy for higher education

Download the White Paper. How Educational Institutions Can Move Towards an Intelligent, Low Carbon and Affordable Energy Supply 


Take a bite of some tasty finance to create your world-class University and campus

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